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11 Important Health Tips for a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

In fact, we have already gone beyond the first quarter of the year. Have you managed to keep those New Year’s resolutions regarding your healthy diet and lifestyle intentions? For many people it can be difficult to stay in the white line that is consistent with attempts to keep their intentions/promises of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The first thing to recognize here is that we’re not perfect and prone to mistakes, so it’s up to all of us to recreate our intentions…and remember that no one, at least not that I know of, achieves perfect health. The trick is realizing it’s ongoing, so stay excited and inspired about how you can keep up that healthy diet and lifestyle!

-Responsibility is the key and taking care of oneself by bringing thoughts and facts to action. Continue to educate yourself in this lifelong process while learning to discern is another key. So here are my top 11 health tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle. I highly recommend putting these tips into your health strategies.

1. Eat a lot of raw foods

A raw food diet allows you to get the full nutritional benefit from your food. Foods like this do not denature (deform) vitamins and enzymes through irradiation, heat, or freezing, and can therefore effectively participate in the body’s metabolism…

2. Avoid eating too much at once

Eating in moderate amounts throughout the day allows you to keep your insulin levels normal. Intermittent fasting also helps with insulin levels. Both situations can also contribute to maintaining or losing weight due to the normalization of insulin.

3. Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fats

Don’t be fooled by the hype; you need good quality fats as part of an essential diet. For example, contrary to what has been said, saturated fat is good for you. An excellent example of a good healthy saturated fat is coconut oil with multiple health benefits.

4. Choose organic

Organic foods do not have chemicals loaded like in the non-organic option. It is free of transgenics and has higher nutritional value…

5. Avoid GMOs

GM foods have potential harmful effects due to their ‘toxic genes’, they contain a number of chemicals used as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers… which can not only compromise nutritional value but also cause potential harm.

Some GM fruits are known to contain 30 times more fructose than organic ones.

6. Alkalize your body

Eat foods that contribute to raising your body’s pH for the healthiest option.

7. Avoid junk food

With their almost zero nutritional value (or none at all), these sugar-laden, high-salt, toxic foods have the effect of causing a wide range of health problems. Learn to discern this.

8. Drink a lot of good, clean, filtered or natural water

Having an abundant supply of water for the body provides numerous health benefits.

9. Try to get about 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight a day

If it’s not available, say in winter, try supplementing with vitamin D3 tablets. About 5000 IU a day will be enough…

10. Exercise between 15 and 20 minutes a day

There is excellent information online that explains the health benefits of exercise and why it is necessary.

11. Having a generally optimistic/happy attitude in life

Remember thoughts, feelings and emotions… your attitude towards life manifests reality. Keep a close eye on how you see life and, if necessary, make the necessary changes.

-It is to be hoped that the reader has been encouraged to investigate and make the necessary changes to lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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