Active research in organizational change

An essential part of Edgar Schein’s process consulting practice model (which is discussed in depth in my book) is the use of active inquiry. A guiding assumption in active investigation is that an insecure customer will not reveal essential facts about the organization’s situation. Without these essential facts, the Organizational Change (OC) consultant is in a position to guess. The […]

What is trapezoidal lighting?

A trapeze can be called a short bar, which is horizontal and is hung by two ropes that make it suspended and free to swing. When it comes to lighting systems, the art of a trapeze has been adopted to create what is known as trapeze lighting. In this case, trapezoidal lighting refers to lighting lines that are used to […]

You are the patient, not the customer

Healthcare is personal. When we start to see the doctor, it is about us, or what is inside us. These are things that we are not going to tell the public. Over time, we build this relationship with the doctor. There is a comfort zone when it comes to our doctors. The unfortunate thing is that this relationship is one-sided. […]

Ideas for painted kitchen cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets are one of the cheapest options for changing the look of your kitchen. There are many people who do not have enough money to remodel their kitchens but really want to change the look. For them, inexpensive options are also available and painting old kitchen cabinets is one way to remodel the house. Even in painted kitchen […]

How to define digital marketing objectives for your brand

Digital marketing is an essential method of creating an online presence. It involves creating different techniques and tactics that can help you connect with your audience and showcase capabilities. The strategy also involves measuring data and analytics to support decision making. The following tips can help you set and define marketing goals for your brand. Identify the objectives of the […]

Versative Review

What is Versativa? Versativa is a brand. They are rebranding what is often misunderstood as marijuana. Versatile cannabis sativa … you understand? Versativa is a hemp MLM. Company So what’s the deal with this hemp company? Versativa is a new division of ForeverGreen, founded in 2004 and based in Orem, Utah. It is a new line of products based on […]

12 signs your lesbian relationship is over

Are you in a lesbian relationship (or some relationship!) And wonder if it has run its course? How do you decide when to deposit? Of course, there are the obvious red flags, like cheating and abuse, but what if the problems are more subtle than that? Here are some ways to know if you should consider breaking up and starting […]