The myth of the trademark

Hitters today are plagued with the problem of wooden bat breaking. Nowhere is this more apparent than the recent major league maple bat dilemma. The dangerous fragmentation of maple bats that has resulted in serious injury has brought to light the dangers created when not paying attention to proper instruction of batsmen regarding the orientation of the edge grain at […]

Multicultural workplaces: 7 ways to make them work

Today, people work in global offices with colleagues of different worldviews, religions, and attitudes. It is important to know the cultural differences and how they affect team dynamics, communication and management style. Multicultural workplaces also offer a wealth of new experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Here are 7 ways to improve multicultural relationships in your workplace. 1. Make it […]

The definition of asset management

Many of you have probably heard the term “asset management” before, but you may not have an idea of ​​what it really is. Asset management is a broad term. It can be defined as a process that guides the acquisition of assets, as well as their use and disposition in order to make the most of the assets and their […]

5 things that can cause autism

Autism is a neural disorder that can affect the way a person interacts and communicates socially. It is also characterized by restricted or repetitive behaviors. It affects the way information is processed in the brain because it affects the way nerve cells and synapses in the brain communicate and process information. Symptoms can start before the child is 3 years […]

HIIT: The Ultimate in Weight Loss

I know there are many recent articles on high intensity interval training. However, I believe that most of them do not fully and / or clearly explain this type of training. I hope this article helps to remedy this situation. I know most of us were told that when we are in an aerobic state that raises our heart rate […]

Three "Rs" real estate investment

Savvy real estate investors, Rick McKinnon and Leslie Quinsay, have a portfolio of properties that shows that anyone can make a fortune investing in real estate. McKinnon and Quinsay’s new book, R3: Real People with Real Strategies for Real-Estate Investing: Developing the Mindset for Success, explains their strategy in words even a layman can understand and shows you how their […]

Your focus determines your reality

“Your focus determines your reality”, this famous phrase was spoken by Qui-Gonn Jinn from Start Wars-The Phantom Menace. Ok, maybe it’s really infamous and you don’t remember that quote. However, think about it for a moment. Would you agree or disagree? I’m about to show you why I emphatically agree with this certain Jedi Master and not just because he’s […]