Weight loss is a pain in the ass!

From what I learned, there is a lot about “weight loss”. First is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise, which I thought was full of junk from the beginning because I suppose if you can get your body moving constantly, you won’t have to worry about the food you are eating. INCORRECT! I’m a foodie, so I figured my training plan […]

Invest in car bumper to protect your car

In modern times, people can witness many traffic accidents due to the negligence of a driver or due to a technical failure in the vehicle. Cars are primarily the worst hit vehicles on the roads because drivers can speed or take the wrong side. This can also destroy someone else’s car, so people should buy bumpers to protect their vehicle. […]

Android smartphone review

It’s been a while since the first phone that used Google’s revolutionary Android operating system, the T Mobile G1, was released and the concept seems to have picked up a bit of a groove, with a host of new Android mobiles and smartphones. now available. Here’s a brief review of each of the previous and current Android phones released so […]

Coffee culture in America

It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I started drinking coffee regularly and became what they call in the Netherlands a ‘koffieleut’, which literally translates to ‘coffee socialite’. Although the average European drinks more coffee per year than the average American, the cultural importance and its effects on the average European seems to me less than on the […]

Small Business Health Insurance Basics in Texas

Finding the right group health plan for your business can be downright intimidating: checking lists of insurance companies and plans; check and recheck dollars and totals for deductibles and copayments; make sense of the plan’s limitations and exclusions; decipher the value of a dictionary in insurance terms. It’s enough to make anyone feel like a high school freshman again. Texas […]

Should you train in the Shih Tzu litter box?

The Shih Tzu is a proud and regal breed of dog that would rather do things its own way rather than listen to anyone else, including you. You can imagine that a dog with that kind of attitude will probably be difficult to train and that includes breaking and entering. It takes patience and many Shih Tzu owners turn to […]