The Continuum Concept: Advantages and Disadvantages of Raising Babies

The concept of the continuum is a study that was developed by Jean Liedloff, an anthropologist who studied this concept among South American Indians. The 1970s approach to parenting recommended frequent skin-to-skin contact between parents and their children from birth to 12 months. Parents from various parts of the world have tried this method that promotes ff methods in raising […]

Single Family Homes For Sale in Cabo

Single Family Homes For Sale Buying a single family home in Cabo can be a great way to experience the Mexican lifestyle without breaking the bank. There are a variety of different homes to choose from, ranging from smaller, comfortable units to more luxurious properties that are well over a million dollars. There are also many different types of properties […]

Is There an Age Limit For Joining Boxing?

Limit For Joining Boxing If you’re a senior citizen and are interested in boxing, you may be wondering what the age limit is. The answer is no, there’s no such age limit. Boxing can be an enjoyable and fulfilling activity for people of all ages. In fact, people who start boxing at older ages will enjoy the benefits of physical […]

The 40-30-30 Nutritional Plan

In my previous article, I explained how to determine the number of calories you need each day to lose weight. Remembering that this is not an exact science, you need to record your results to see if they are working for you. This article will give you a method of dividing food portions known as 40/30/30. The 40/30/30 Method This […]

How to measure yourself for a trench coat

Thinking of buying a trench coat? They are definitely cool jackets to have for many different reasons. However, before you go ahead and buy one, make sure you have your measurements written down. Here’s how to measure yourself correctly. arm length Measuring your arm length is one of the most important steps you need to complete to get the right […]

How to protect against inflation with an IRA

Inflation is a scary word for those saving for retirement. If inflation changes too quickly, you’ll see your retirement funds shrink before your eyes. Inflation has risen steadily year over year in the recent past, however this does not mean you should stop saving for retirement. There are ways to beat inflation by creating a very special type of IRA […]

Wireless devices to make your life easier

Now that digital lifestyle devices, tablets, wireless phones, and other internet devices are beginning to come of age, we need to be concerned with presenting our content to these devices so that it is optimized for their viewing capabilities. Mike Davidson Wireless devices have made life easier in many ways. They can be easily moved anywhere and support more users […]

Caladesi Island – A little piece of paradise

Whoever said there was no untouched beauty left in Florida has never been to Caladesi Island State Park. This diamond in the rough is one of the few remaining examples of a secluded island paradise. Four miles of undeveloped white sand beach and dunes border this island in the Gulf of Mexico, providing an ideal escape for sun and nature […]