The ridiculous resilience of red light cameras

Red light cameras have been the nightmare of many drivers for several years. Since 2007, the State of Florida has relied on these traffic cameras to supplement (largely) the revenue of the various municipalities that employ their use. This despite the fact that the constitutionality of its use has always been in question. In fact, it wasn’t until 2010 that […]

Age of psychic children

In this age of high technology and a higher state of consciousness, children are born with a higher state of consciousness. This evolutionary psychic enhancement in those born from the time periods of the 1980s onwards is endowed with various extensions of a sixth sense and beyond. Learning to raise these psychic children can be demanding, especially for those children […]

Truck Wash Business Case Study

Often, savvy entrepreneurs look for businesses that are out of the way, things out of the ordinary but businesses, that have a good customer base and stable income. This is an extremely interesting story. He had always considered mobile truck wash efforts very profitable and he believed stationary truck washes were a huge waste of money. That was until one […]

42 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to Science Fiction’s Favorite Number – Tribute to the Late Douglas Adams

When Rafa Nadall beat Roger Federer last July in the longest final in Wimbledon history, he became the first Spaniard to win a grass-court major in 42 years. This feels Spain in full celebration mode. It also caused great consternation among Federer fans who were about to witness a sixth straight Wimbledon win. I suspect, however, that most people stumbled […]