The 5 Craziest Classical Songs We All Shamefully Adore

Call them one-hit wonders, novelty acts, or just outrageously ridiculous songs, there are so many wacky classic songs that we’ve all come to love with shame. We know they’re stupid, we know they don’t make sense, we know they don’t make sense, we know they’re ridiculous, but we never hesitate to put it on our iPod today. It’s probably because […]

The voracious greed of the narcissist

Greed has been with us since man walked the earth. Greed is a relentless, insatiable desire and drive to possess more than one needs, often at the expense of others. Most narcissists are greedy. They are constantly planning and plotting (even in their sleep) how to expand their power base and increase their material bounty. There is no end to […]

Stop planning your future retirement, live in style today

Over the past 85 years, the financial services industry—banks, financial planning, insurance, and stockbrokers—has experienced double-digit growth by luring people frightened by the prospect of poverty and deprivation into retirement. Everything from radio, commercial television, and print ads projected bleak retirement prospects if people didn’t save and invest. People born between 1912 and 1945, who are currently between the ages […]

Football Betting Basics

Soccer betting is not easy. There are so many things that are troubling you that it will really be hard for you to understand. The types of bets are 90 minute bet, single bet, double bet, accumulated bet, treble, etc. these are easier to play than the Yankees, Trixies, Lucky 15’s, Correct Score Parents, etc. Read all the points to […]

Daily Trading Futures

When you trade futures on the day, you enter and exit all positions on the same day, you never hold a position overnight. Since nightly market movements are hard to predict, many traders avoid risk by day trading. Ironically, the public believes that day trading is the riskiest way to trade. THIS IS A MYTH! Some day trade futures traders […]

5 simple cybersecurity rules to follow at home

Much has been written about the proper cyber security measures for those who work from remote locations. While remote workers need to be aware and educated regarding precautions to protect against a data breach on their corporate business network, the same is true for those who use their devices primarily for leisure activities. Taking some necessary precautions doesn’t have to […]

Tips for Effective Workplace Communication: The 1/99 Leader to Follower Ratio

Some experts tell us that for every leader there are ninety-nine followers. When communicating with staff members, it helps to know where these people fall within the 1-99 category. The two extremes may require a different way of communicating, and therefore everything else. The same tool can be used when it comes to identifying your company’s leaders. Everyone’s expectations will […]

How do you prune young plants?

How do you prune young plants? Pruning young plants helps promote strong branches and an attractive framework for your landscape. It also saves time and effort later on. The amount of pruning you do depends on your goals. Severe cutting back stimulates vigorous growth; light pruning allows slower, more controlled growth. Pruning Basics Pruning is one of the most important […]