Marching band uniforms for hot weather venues

Many southern states have been experiencing extremely hot summers of late with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees in many places. To stay cool in this hot weather when you go out, it’s important to dress cool. However, this can be quite difficult to do if you are a member of the marching band and must perform at your school’s football game […]

It’s Time to Start Marketing Your Manufacturing Business on the Internet

There are many manufacturing companies that get most of their business through word of mouth, loyal customers, and partnership agreements. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider expanding your reach and taking a look at online marketing. Manufacturers who leverage content to promote their brand/business online are able to attract new potential buyers, retain current ones and, at the end […]

Choose the best door handles for the home

Selecting the right type of interior door handles can be quite a bewildering task as there are a plethora of options available from online and offline stores at various price points. There are some useful tips that will simplify the process of selecting interior door handles easily and quickly. Tips for choosing door handles: Material: Nowadays, handles are made from […]

DREAM BIG: How the Brazilian trio behind 3G Capital acquired Anheuser-Busch, Burger King and Heinz

Category: Business Reading time: 4.5 hours Rating: 6/10 This book tells the career stories of the richest man in Brazil, Jorge Paulo Lemann, and his two main partners. Jorge Paulo graduated early from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and immediately began working in the financial sector of Brazilian banks. After ten years of making numerous connections and some […]

The six o’clock diet

You may be wondering what “time” does by adhering to the description of a diet. Well some of you may have guessed or already know; however, the Six O’Clock Diet has something to do with restricting eating time. On this diet, you are allowed to regularly eat anything until the clock strikes six in the evening. His next meal follows […]