3 mysteries surround Betsy Ross

Do you know what are the mysteries surrounding Betsy Ross? How many times was she married to her? How many children did she have? How many times was she buried? Whether you answered yes or no, she reads on. What are the mysteries surrounding Betsy Ross? Elizabeth Griscom was born on January 1, 1752. She was born the eighth of […]

My best iPad VPN accessories for business

If you’ve been to an electronics store or an airport (I repeat myself), you’ve probably noticed the colonization of these places by iDevice accessories. Cover, cables, converters and a bewildering assortment of headphones. There are many accessories to complement your iPad VPN. I like music as much as anyone, but I stick to (another) pair of headphones that cost as […]

Jungle Notes – The Rainy Season

It rains non-stop in this small Caribbean town. It has rained incessantly for 3 days in a row; the only exception was the first day after the night of my arrival. Unfortunately, I spent that beautiful first day inside the local jungle internet cafe working on my website, falsely assuming there would be plenty of time for the beach. In […]

New Jersey residents need a New Jersey license

In recent years, I have seen an increase in the number of tickets issued for what are commonly known as “expired tour privileges.” It’s no secret that in some states, the requirements to obtain a valid driver’s license are substantially lower than in New Jersey. I understand that in North Carolina and Tennessee just your name on a utility bill […]

How profitable is the pressure washing business?

Pressure washing business is a lucrative business that almost anyone can start and earn an honest living. The required start-up capital is low and there are no expensive overhead expenses required to keep your business running. In many areas there is little competition and high demand for both residential and commercial work. You may have noticed how competitive the landscaping […]

Home Distillers Workbook – Review

I realize that some distilling companies ask their customers to do basic distilling research before even contacting them with any questions. Therefore, this audiobook is a great way to learn the basics. You sit down with one of your best drinks, light up your cigar or pipe and listen to this and I guarantee you’ll know what you’re talking about […]