Driving and texting with a bad mix

Driving and texting is a bad combination. Save a life maybe yours! I was driving my new 50th anniversary Ruby Red Mustang with my husband in the passenger seat on a clear sunny day with temperatures of 40 degrees on April 18, 2015. We were waiting patiently at a yield sign for traffic to clear. clear when we feel a […]

Angels, visions and holograms

Many ‘unexplained phenomena’, such as visions, are not limited to the pages of the Bible. We have visions in the sky, voices that can be heard at great distances, lights stronger than the sun, flying vehicles, hail from the sky, and many other events around the world. Surprisingly, only Jews, Christians, and Muslims associate visions with God and angels. Since […]

Milk and the candida diet

“Milk makes a good body.” I’m sure many of you remember seeing commercials and / or billboards with this slogan from the National Dairy Council promoting the health benefits of milk. More recently, I have seen advertisements for dairy products that contribute to weight loss. In addition, mothers around the world emphasize that their children drink plenty of milk to […]

Mathematics and the simulation hypothesis

If you accept the probability that our Cosmos is designed and tuned (not just for life, but to allow even atoms and molecules and more complex structures like stars and planets to exist), then I suppose your choice is between pure chance (the Mother Hypothesis of Nature and / or Hypothesis of the Multiverse) and a designer. If it is […]

Coping with death and the fear of dying

The debate has raged for decades about whether a person should be informed about a fatal disease or not. Some argue that it is an unnecessary burden and others argue that people have a basic right to know as much truth as they wish to prepare emotionally, as well as to take charge of family responsibilities and make practical arrangements. […]

9 pro tips to start investing in property

1. Know your budget Before launching into real estate investing, it is critical that you have a thorough understanding of your cash flow. Also, ask your bank for pre-approval of your investment loan to find out how much you can borrow before looking for your properties. 2. Don’t skip ongoing costs Make sure you have enough budget for insurance, fees, […]

Plunging the Unsinkable: A Titanic Movie Review

Today I decided to search for the heart of the ocean. The movie Titanic began with a group of men searching for Rose Dewitt Bukater’s (Kate Winslet) blue diamond necklace in the North Atlantic Ocean. They named the diamond Heart of the Ocean, which they claimed to have been looking for for three years. To my surprise, I looked for […]