Why Trusts Don’t Work For Asset Protection

A trust is the right to the beneficial enjoyment of property over which another person has legal title; a property interest held by one person (the trustee) at the request of another (the settlor) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary). Trusts have different names depending on their purpose, i.e. land trusts, charitable remnant trusts, irrevocable trusts, etc. Trusts are […]

Zone Hitting – Working the Tone Count

Undisciplined hitting has two main dangers. First, the batter is not hitting on pitches that are located where he hits most effectively, resulting in weak or high balls and easy outs. Second, a team of unruly hitters will never (and I mean NEVER!) Pressure the opposing pitcher to the point of collapse. The bottom line is that the pitcher will […]

The 40 best romantic things to do

1. Get up very early. Have a special breakfast prepared in advance (croissants, scones, etc.) and set the timer on the coffeemaker. Take a short trip to watch the sunrise together. 2. When your special someone comes home, have a makeshift massage area ready to go (the bedroom works best) with candlelight, soft music, and a pleasant scent (perhaps a […]

Higher calling of divinity

In the event that one feels the need to serve in a Christian setting due to a higher calling or personal decision, it makes sense to learn and understand the facts behind this step. Choosing to take a divinity course is such an option that one can delve into various matters that are sure to come up as time goes […]

List of baseball players with three names

The stars known by three names represented all the responses in a category from a popular game show last week, and I correctly identified three of them. Van Halen’s David Lee Roth was the musical answer, while Billy Bob Thornton and Joe Don Baker were the two actors I recognized. For whatever reason, I had anticipated that the category would […]

Is there a difference between erotic movies, sexy reality TV, or pornography?

Before I was able to raise funds to write, produce and direct independent feature films, I started in reality programming. Created the reality series America’s Wildest Bachelor Parties (AWBP). I enjoyed distribution success with it and was able to launch Slice of Americana Films. I consider myself a passionate writer, producer and director. But I also like creating fun and […]