Watch Midnight in Paris on Netflix

Watch Midnight in Paris Midnight in Paris is a movie about a nostalgic screenwriter who finds himself reliving the days of the 1920s every day at midnight. It is available to watch on Netflix, but you may have to look for it in a different region. Click on the “Watch on Netflix” button to check whether it’s available in your […]

Teen marriages are likely to end unhappily

As most of us can realize, most teenagers are not mature enough to think critically and really understand life. For example, they do bad things, they don’t know how to act and they don’t even think about the consequences of what they do. There are times when I sit quietly and wonder why teen marriage is legal and possible, but […]

10 Bible Character Riddles for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love guessing games! One of the best ways to introduce them to the idea of ​​guessing is by telling them some riddles. Here are 10 Bible riddles to get you started. Each one points to a Bible character that many of your little ones might already be familiar with. However, to ensure that your preschoolers are successful in coming […]

National Adoption in the Philippines

“My husband and I are unfortunately unable to have children. A distant relative from the province has 7 children, the youngest two are 11 months old and a newborn baby about 2 weeks old. Due to financial constraints, she offered us to adopt her two children We take the children home after we sign an Adoption Agreement and have it […]

Tips on Choosing a Thoughtful Sympathy Gift

The grieving process can be as unique as a fingerprint. Each person brings to the journey their individual personality, their connection to the person who died, their religious/spiritual beliefs, their feelings about death, and their life experiences. When it comes to choosing a thoughtful sympathy gift, one size does not fit all. Finding the perfect sympathy gift to express your […]

Jackson Senyonga – Background

Jackson Senyonga, senior pastor and founder of Christian Life Ministries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping orphans and widows in Uganda, has witnessed the power of God’s transformation in his nation. He has been a catalyst in bringing together leaders of all denominations in cities across the United States, as well as in many other nations. His ideas on principles […]

Puma – What’s in a name?

I used to hate the term “Cougar” for all the obvious reasons. First, she conjured up images of Mrs. Robinson in a girdle and garters, smoke billowing around her alcoholic head as she seduced a vulnerable (but willing) Benjamin. She fast-forwards to leopard-clad women over 40 showing too much cleavage, sporting 4-inch stilettos, hanging out in bars, drinking wine and […]

The six people of defiant children

When discussing the categorization of various types of children’s behavior, it can be helpful to identify them with a positive role model, or at least in some cases, an easily identifiable role model. According to clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller (Tricky Kids, 2007), it is possible to identify six clearly identifiable personas that children with challenging behaviors fit into. They are: […]