2011 Hero Honda Hunk Review

Hero Honda started the trend of performance bikes with the launch of the CBZ back in 1999. The bike that had a tag like “Super Sprint” performed like no other machine in the Indian motorcycle market. Not only was it fast, but the power delivery created a mad dash for the rider. This was something the Indians had never witnessed […]

A Brief History of Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles are automobiles that use a combination of conventional powertrains and rechargeable energy storage systems (RESS). The purpose of combining these two different power sources is to achieve better fuel economy in hybrid electric vehicles compared to conventional cars and trucks. Then, the batteries are used solely for support and limited propulsion needs, without any need for recharging […]

A new generation of crime

The personal information stolen can be everything from first and last name, to the mother’s maiden name, social security numbers, birth documents, credit card, check and bank account information. Once the identity thief has obtained this set of information, they ruin your credit and leave you stranded and left to pick up the pieces. After they do this and you […]

What’s so good about wind power with small turbines?

Small turbine wind power is the fastest growing renewable energy technology. It is produced in a similar way to how an alternator produces electricity as your car moves. The only difference is that the air spins the turbine to produce power. And as the wind speed increases, the turbine produces more electricity. In windy regions, such as near the coasts, […]

Jeep and Chrysler are doing well across the pond

Chrysler may be feeling some pain in the US, but overseas they’re doing great. According to a Chrysler spokesman, international sales increased 14 percent through August 2006 for 15 consecutive months of month-over-month increases. The news is even better in Europe. Chrysler reported a 35.6% increase in August 2006 compared to the prior year performance and a 15.5% sales increase […]

Drilling mud gel strength

Gel strength is the shear stress of drilling mud which is measured at a low shear rate after the drilling mud remains static for a certain period of time. Gel strength is one of the important properties of drilling fluid because it demonstrates the ability of drilling mud to suspend drilling solids and weight material when circulation ceases. How can […]

The Flowmaster exhaust: how long will it last?

You’re probably wondering how long the Flowmaster exhaust lasts. As a car enthusiast looking for a good exhaust system, there are a number of parts that make up the exhaust system and you need to look at each one individually. While there are many different functional parts within each exhaust system, typically the only part of an exhaust that you […]