Does Cold Storage Accept PayNow?

Cold Storage Accept PayNow Cold Storage is an alternative payment method that is a popular alternative to credit cards. It solves the problem of transaction signing by allowing payments to be made without a credit card. Instead of using a credit card, it uses an offline wallet that is connected to a computer or USB. Transactions are then digitally signed […]

Best Crypto Trading Platforms and Secure Exchange

Best Crypto Trading Platforms If you’re considering investing in crypto, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best trading platforms. Crypto exchanges must offer a good user experience, customer support, smooth interfaces, and a wide variety of currencies. Also, they should be cheap enough to be accessible for the average consumer. In this article, we’ll take a look […]

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Focused Distribution

Blockchain Focused Distribution Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a lucrative and risky proposition, so finding an appropriate distribution model should be your first step. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain focused Distribution can help you reach the right audiences in an effective and efficient manner. Read on to learn how. Cryptocurrency is a decentralised ledger system that can enable users to store, trade, […]

How to Find the Best Press Release Distribution Services

Best Press Release Distribution Services A press release can help public companies promote their product, services, and achievements. Press release distribution can be sent domestically or internationally. These distribution services can help companies meet disclosure and regulatory filing requirements, and meet the requirements of European transparency directives. Depending on the needs of a company, a press release can have visual […]

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency With Fiat Money

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency One of the main differences between fiat currency and cryptocurrency is that fiat money relies on a governmental institution, or “intermediary”, to vouch for its worth. In contrast, commodity money is derived from its inherent value, such as gold coins or salt. While fiat currency doesn’t seem to approach the traditional definition of money, it is […]

Can OTC Crypto Be Decentralized?

OTC Crypto There have been many concerns about OTC cryptocurrency, including the lack of transparency and the risk of hacking. To address these concerns, many OTC desks have created their own solutions. One such example is Circle, which recently acquired equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest. SeedInvest connects online startups to investors. But this approach has its limitations, making it difficult to […]

ICO Blockchain & Crypto Press Release Services

ICO Blockchain & Crypto The ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, is a method of fundraising that involves selling digital currency such as bitcoin or ether. Unlike an IPO, an ICO has no laws or regulations to adhere to, making it an effective method for promoting an ICO and sustaining a company’s message. These top 10 ICO Blockchain & Crypto Press […]

How to Sell Crypto Through an OTC Desk

Crypto Through an OTC Desk If you want to sell your crypto, you can do so through an OTC desk. These are exchanges that allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrency without any intermediaries. However, you must make sure that you are dealing with a reputable OTC desk. Because of the lack of regulation and transparency, it is important to […]