Aristotle, rhetoric and modern media culture

Squeeze a slice of today’s society into a petri dish, stare at it for a while, and you’ll inevitably realize that most of those little brightly colored clusters fluttering in the slime are powered by a powerful, barely visible drive from to dominate. Turn the lens up another notch or two and you’ll notice that these same, now larger, multi-motivated […]

Drug Discovery: Identifying and Optimizing Leads

Lead – Definition A lead is defined as a compound, usually a small organic molecule, that demonstrates the desired biological activity in a validated molecular target. The most important sources of clues are the “Libraries” of molecules, eg natural product libraries, peptide libraries, carbohydrate libraries, etc. Virtual libraries can be created using “Combinatorial Chemistry”. Lead Identification Technologies Virtual projection. Chemoinformatics. […]

Tips for creating a virtual assistant resume

You must have a well-equipped home office and the necessary certifications if you are going to offer services that require them, but one of the most important tools a successful virtual assistant has is a well-written resume. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to write a resume that will catch the attention of potential clients. If you’re like a lot […]

What is workforce management?

The meaning behind workforce management Workforce Management (or WFM) solutions recognize the fact that businesses are complex, and for operations to run smoothly and efficiently, appropriate WFM solutions must be in place to ensure all aspects of the business that contribute to Operations, including workforce planning, forecasting, scheduling, etc., are also executed smoothly and efficiently. How Workforce Management and Operational […]