4 reasons to attend a TEDx conference

TED talks are a source of inspiration for many people who want to become better leaders. Thousands of people gather and listen to speakers at TEDx Talks events. Recordings of these events are viewed by millions of people around the world. If you have no idea why you should attend a TEDx event, you should read this article. Let’s talk […]

what is the digital marketing?

When we use the word “Digital Marketing”, we are actually referring to the online marketing efforts of a brand. Therefore, if you are wondering what Digital Marketing (DM) is, here is your answer: This is a practice in Business through which advertising messages are delivered through online channels such as websites, mobile applications, search engines, social networks and emails. It […]

Book Review: How to Write a Grant Proposal

This review is for a crucial book to help get grants for 501(c)3 non-profits. The book is “How to Write a Grant Proposal” published by John Wiley and Sons 2003, 360 pages. The authors, Sheryl Carter New and James Aaron Quick, have extensive experience in the field and have written many books on grantmaking together. It’s a good solid reference […]

Google Traffic Research Tactics in Affiliate Marketing

We all know that commenting, and especially writing eBooks and articles, is among the absolute favorites among successful affiliate marketers, blogs notwithstanding. Attracting visitors is one thing, but getting those visitors to actually convert is another exercise. The problem is that many newbies comment and post on sites and with publishers that are not yet indexed by Google. This completely […]

How pay-per-click advertising drives profits and brand awareness

More, How PPC helps you reach your customers Pay per click advertising plays an important role in any marketing strategy. That may be a bold statement for some, especially since many small and medium-sized business owners are intimidated by this advertising strategy. And if you’re like many people, you can’t help but wonder, “Does pay-per-click work?” You figure that if […]

Writing for TV: How to Become a TV Writer

Have you ever watched an episode of Eastenders, Coronation Street, Casualty, Spooks, Hollyoaks or even an old classic like The Good Life and thought… I could do something like that? I have to be honest, writing for television is probably not the easiest way to make money writing… but there are a lot more opportunities than you might think. I […]