Why do so many people fail to lose fat?

Have you ever said something to someone that you knew was stupid? You know, the old “foot in the mouth” syndrome? I do it quite regularly. I don’t know why, but stupid things seem to come out of my mouth pretty easily and my foot sticks in the back of my throat. That’s how I came up with the idea […]

Why do you need sports nutrition?

Whether you’re exercising to improve your health, a professional athlete, or a bodybuilder, sports nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing the beneficial effects of physical activity. Choosing the right nutrition can result in injury prevention, better performance and recovery. According to Thomas Edison, “The physician of the future will no longer treat the human structure with drugs, but will […]

How to Train for Baseball with a Bow Flex

Bow Flex has created an extensive line of home exercise equipment. They have full home gyms; treadmill stair climbers and even free weights. All of these have a place in a good exercise routine in general; however, some are better than others for the baseball player. Baseball To play baseball well you will need strong legs, back and arms. You’ll […]

Getting to a Marcy Home Gym? know your options

A Marcy’s home gym ranks as one of the top choices for home gym equipment among many weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. When it comes to reliability, ease of use, and value for money, Marcy home gyms have it all. To see what this favorite home gym brand has to offer, here’s a sneak peek at some of their popular machines: […]

Foods to Consider for an Acid Reflux Diet

This is general advice if you are going to follow an acid reflux diet. Eating large meals and eating just before bedtime is not recommended when following an acid reflux diet. You are also supposed to avoid fatty and/or spicy foods. All of this clothing can lead to increased production of stomach acid that can enter and cause damage to […]

The key to fat loss

Current world and US statistics The world’s population continues to gain weight at an alarming rate, and the US is at the forefront of that movement. Most sources, including the CDC, cite that about 68% of Americans are overweight. Of that 68%, more than 30% are obese. In 1962, that number was just 13%. The average American woman today weighs […]

Aerobic or anaerobic, what is the best?

Aerobic training is exercise that involves or improves the body’s oxygen consumption. The word aerobic means with oxygen. In addition to utilizing and improving the body’s oxygen consumption, aerobic training also increases the body’s ability to burn fatty acids during an exercise session. An example of an aerobic exercise session would be one that consists of a warm-up, then a […]

Large universities versus small universities

Whether you’re a high school senior choosing a college or a college freshman looking to transfer, you still want to know the pros and cons of your school size. I went to a state university that had over 46,000 students, but I have friends who attend small private schools with 5,000 students. I will take the following paragraphs to list […]