The importance of flexibility in golf, especially for older golfers with stretching exercises

If your range of motion is limited by stiffness or even stiffness, your golf game will be severely affected as your club speed won’t be as fast. Stretching exercises, which work very well with strengthened muscles, are really effective in helping to improve range of motion and become more flexible. These workouts typically have a significant effect on golf swing […]

Combat stress and fatigue in the workplace through diet, exercise and meditation

Have you ever felt like your body is in a constant “fight or flight” mode? With our culture of technological overload, road rage, and overscheduled, double-booked lives, it’s no wonder our bodies feel drained, burned out, and just plain tired. Essentially, what you deal with on a daily basis is a symptom called adrenal exhaustion. It’s bad? It depends. Is […]

Speed ​​up your workout recovery time with massage therapy

Are you allowing your muscles to fully recover between workouts? Coping with pain by doing resistance exercises is not only distressing but counterproductive. As you lift weights or perform strenuous exercise, your muscle fibers will develop micro-tears. This is what stimulates the muscle to repair itself bigger and stronger than ever before. But muscles take time to heal. And if […]

All aboard the Workout Express!

We live in a society where time is ticking where the stakes for professional success, being admired socially and being in good physical shape are always present. These goals do NOT have to be mutually exclusive, as modern moms can have our proverbial cake and eat it too, particularly when it comes to fitness! I eat? The key is to […]

Is cardio good and HIIT is better?

Physiological benefits of aerobic training, also known as endurance or cardio, include improvements in tidal volume (amount of air moved by the lungs), blood volume, and stroke volume (amount of blood moved by the heart per beat). It also increases the number of capillaries, and the number and size of mitochondria. All of these contribute to the body’s ability to […]