A simple philosophy to decorate your home

When you buy your first home or if you’re just tired of how your current home looks, you should follow this simple philosophy for decorating your home. Many people get lost in the spaces of their homes because they are worried about what others will think when the housewarming party arrives a month later. Don’t worry about what others think […]

Tips on how to create your own decadent bathroom

beautiful bathrooms A glamorous bathroom is the ultimate indulgence in any home. Go for a total decadence or go for a more modern, minimalist approach. “The great thing about bathrooms is that they’re a great place to get away, but you don’t have to be there 24/7,” says Lesley Taylor, interior designer and director of design for the award-winning firm […]

Choosing the Right Play Kitchen for Your Family

Preparing food and enjoying meals together is one of life’s great pleasures. Play kitchens allow your children to participate in this daily cooking ritual when they are too young to help out in the big kitchen. Play kitchens are also educational and encourage developmental skills. A play kitchen will be a feast for their imaginations to the benefit of them […]

What are thresholds and transitions?

Often, it’s the little things in a flooring project that really get the job done, and that’s where thresholds and transitions come in! These little ones are the gap between one floor and another, or they can fill in the edge of your tile to give it the professional look you want. So what is the difference between threshold and […]

Ideas for Attractive Kitchen Renovations

If you are planning to renovate your home, the only part of your home that allows you to be more creative and innovative is your kitchen. You can find hundreds of different designs in the houses of your friends and family, but it is difficult to find a 100% similarity between two different kitchens. This is because there are many […]

Why are stainless steel countertops used in restaurants and homes around the world?

10 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Countertops Will Give Your Home And/Or Restaurant Great Benefits Along With The Following: Resistant and durable to almost everything. This countertop does not stain! You no longer have to fear beets, acids, wine or food colouring. The stainless steel counters make it perfect for families with small children who love to work alongside mom and […]

Modular Kitchen: Revolutionize the Interior Design of your House!

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home. They give it more importance than considering it a mother kitchen place. Accordingly, they try their best to combine the functionality of the kitchen with the essential aesthetic elements and style, which is mainly called modular kitchen. This includes both high-tech appliances with their pioneering bespoke fixtures to […]

old family kitchen

So you have finally decided to take the plunge and redesign your kitchen. Before you take the ax to the door frames or tear up the floor, you’ll need a thorough plan of what and how you’d like to reinvent the most valuable room in the house. While contemporary kitchens may be ideal for the modern 30-something, a cozier, older […]