Spaser: the smallest laser ever created

One of the emerging concepts in the field of nanotechnology is spaser. Spaser stands for ‘Surface Plasmon Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. The phenomenon was first introduced by Bergman and Stockman in 2003. The first spaser device is made with a gold nanoparticle surrounded by a tinted silica gain medium in the year 2009. The introduction of the spaser […]

Home Value Trends in New Mexico

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you’ve probably heard all the doom and gloom predictions about the housing bubble bursting, median home value crashing, and housing market crashing. Guess what? They have exaggerated a bit. Looking at the real estate market nationally, it’s very true that it’s definitely past the boom of the […]

Piper Super Cub

For years until the 1960s, whenever someone saw a single-engine plane overhead, they would invariably refer to it as a “Piper Cub.” For many, the name was synonymous with “airplane.” The Cub is often referred to as the aeronautical equivalent of the Ford Model T, and this is not far from the truth. However, in the postwar era, the J-3 […]

Website Design Tips: Easy and Effective Tools

One of the best web design tips I can give you would be to use tools that are simple to use and effective. There’s not much you can do with a complicated tool if it confuses you. It doesn’t matter what tool it is; if you can’t make it work it’s useless! That goes for anything, even Internet tools. One […]

How to Say Maybe in Japanese – Kamoshirenai’s Bunpo

SIMPLE FORM + KAMOSHIRENAI – probably verb In Japanese, to say that something is very likely to happen in the future or to say that something has probably already happened, we use the word ~kamoshirenai. Both Japanese nouns and Japanese verbs in simple form (i.e. Base III) can be used to which we can attach one of three variable endings […]

Amateur radio call signs

Call signs in the United States used to be very easy for a ham radio operator to say. What area of ​​the US was the radio ham they were talking to from! A call 6 was from California or some state near, or a call 0 was New York or a state near New York, They didn’t even need to […]

When to start obedience training with your puppy

You’ve just picked up your new pup, brought him home, and set up his little playpen. You’re watching it roll across the padding you have to protect your carpet and bite your fingers. But, now you are wondering when the training should start and how intense it should be. Most dog owners start training at the wrong time. Some can […]