Commercial Real Estate For Business Owners

With interest rates now at historically low levels and the US economy growing at a strong rate, many business owners have been considering the purchase of commercial real estate for their business locations. The benefits and drawbacks of commercial real estate ownership vary from business owner to business owner, but potential buyers should educate themselves on the obvious and sometimes […]

Las Vegas is booming: Why it’s so hard to find a great deal on a hotel room!

With 130,000 hotel rooms available (148,978 if you include Nye and Laughlin counties), you’d think you’d be able to find “bargains.” You are most likely wrong! Finding a “deal” in a city whose Major Resort properties are operating near capacity is becoming increasingly difficult. Why? Because the main tourist properties are controlled by a select group of companies that have […]

Do tenants have rights?

Surely at some point in your life you have rented an apartment. Maybe it was for you or maybe it is for your son who is in college. You may be wondering if tenants have any rights. This is especially true if you or your child has a less than desirable landlord. The relationship between landlord and tenant should be […]

Pet Friendly Florida Vacation Rentals

Some people relate to and empathize with the fact that for some people, a pet is part of the family. Owners of vacation homes that fall into this category go to great lengths to advertise that their doors are open to pets. Florida has its fair share of pet-friendly vacation rentals. Some of the pet friendly Florida vacation rentals do […]

Do landlords have to accept tenants with pets?

One of the interesting conversations I have with property owners is about pets and whether they should be allowed. It’s a hot topic, so I thought I’d lay out the pros and cons and some of the things you can do to offset the potential risk of accepting pets. 60% of Americans have pets! To get started, you need to […]

Cheap, Bargain, Real Estate; Good deals, below market, low priced properties available…

Cheap, Bargain, Real Estate; Good deals, below market, low priced properties are available if you know how to buy them. By Jody Hudson – Real Estate Agent Since 1972. How to FIND and BUY: Cheap Real Estate, Good Deals, Below Market, Low Priced and Less Expensive; houses, lots, land, businesses and condominiums. They are everywhere and easy to find. Here’s […]

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Tenants to Renew Their Leases

In today’s increasingly competitive leasing market, it is increasingly important for building managers and owners to build and maintain a positive status quo with their tenants. Searching for new tenants to fill vacant spaces in your units can be timely and costly. The period of time in which it can sometimes take to fill a vacancy is the time in […]

Everything you wanted to know about mortgages and home loans

Mortgage loans are loans obtained for the purchase of property or for the purpose of refinancing obtained from mortgage brokers, banks, landlords or online lenders. Such mortgage loans are generally long-term loans where the contract may typically exist for 15 or 30 years. Mortgage loans can be obtained directly or through intermediaries. There are certain important terms, which must be […]