2009 Business Disaster: How to Survive

Have you been to your local mall lately? Next time you will notice that business after business has closed its doors. “FOR RENT” signs dominate the windows of Strip Malls across the United States. Many experts and analysts see in 2009 the continuation of his downward spiral of business failures and bankruptcies. These once thriving businesses have been forced to […]

Industrial shelves: management tips to save space

Modern design systems have made industrial shelves very popular and trendy. They are in demand for residential, industrial, agricultural, institutional and commercial purposes for space saving management. When shopping for storage shelves, there are many factors that you need to consider. You need to know exactly what your needs and requirements are. It is important to plan and evaluate the […]

insurance careers

Five lucrative insurance careers If you’re looking to get into the insurance field, you’ll most likely end up with one of five different companies to choose from. They include things like brokers/agents, underwriters, actuaries, claims adjusters, and service representatives. Each vocation contributes to the general welfare of the agency in its own way and plays an important role in any […]

Expert advice on plumbing fixtures and fittings

Plumbing requires a variety of fixtures and fittings: pipes, joints, faucets, and more. Proper connection of plumbing components is a must when building a house. The drainage system of a house must be in top condition and therefore regular maintenance of the pipes becomes an important task. Internal plumbing is just as important as external plumbing. Having a strong and […]

Real Estate Market Review: The Bahamas (The Country of 700 Islands)

Fast facts: 3rd richest country in the Western Hemisphere Neither resident nor non-resident income tax is paid. Capital = Nassau Population = 323,000 Currency = Dollar Economic Summary Does everyone have their pina coladas ready? Does everyone have one of those little umbrellas? A chunk of pineapple and maybe some nutmeg sprinkled on top for full effect? It’s okay? Excellent!!! […]