Experience in renting student apartments in Edinburgh

“Many travel to the UK students choose outside school rented apartment students, in order to avoid unnecessary economic loss, you should know more about it in the UK rent of student apartment considerations and normal regulations. Below will come good in a foreign land to share a friend students experience in Edinburgh student accommodation.

Edinburgh student accommodation Many Chinese people in the UK rent student apartments are through intermediaries, and for budget relatively nervous people may choose to private personal house rent. No matter what kind of form, the mediation or the landlord will require students to sign the rental apartment contract. Unfamiliar with Chinese law related English want to fully understand the terms of the contract is very difficult, the following is a list of some of the more important terms:

The Tenancy Agreement: lease contract.
The term: The length of The lease period, usually for a year, but there are exceptions. Starting and ending date must be indicated in the contract.

Rent and how to pay: the contract shall specify the Rent and the terms of payment, such as paid by cheque, bank standing order, Internet transfer, etc. According to the situation is different, sometimes the Rent to pay intermediary, sometimes directly paid to the landlord.

Deposit: beginning on April 6, 2007, who assured shorthold tenancy and the £25000 less than the rent must be by relevant institutions to register the Deposit. Whether through the mediation of rent student apartments and private personal rent, this program must be performed, the deposit is no longer held by the landlord, but entrust relevant institutions, there was a controversy, once the tenants move out by the relevant institutions to mediate, no deposit before failing to reach an agreement in any form of treatment. In this remind you must remember the root for mediation or the landlord deposit registration certificate (deposit protection certificate), or illegal.

Experience in renting student apartments in Edinburgh

Landlords name and address: according to the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 and 47 48 two terms, the Landlord must give its address in the UK, once the Tenant want to terminate the contract and must be written notice to the Landlord, and the address it is for this purpose. If the landlord in overseas, it must also be given a co address in the UK, or illegal.

Termination: although the Housing Act 1996 change the limitation of the Minimum lease period, but still usually contract default for six months, the tenant can put forward in the fifth month of the application, and then after one month’s Notice time, finally completed a Minimum of 6 months stay. And put forward to terminate the contract, if the landlord must give Notice of 2 months time. Otherwise unlawful.

Many students complain from intermediary rental apartment cumbersome procedures, fee is high. In fact, as long as you read the contract carefully, and according to oneself circumstance timely put forward their requirements, believe that won’t appear any problems. And fees, the cost of all general mediation from tenants only about 100-150 pounds. The rest of the charge all fees from the landlord, so you don’t have to worry about.

In addition to remind you is how to choose the formal legal intermediary institutions, because of London is the world financial center, lead to London house prices continue to rise, the result is that there are more and more buy – to – the let, and therefore, there are more and more real estate agents. Teach you a simple way, when you are dealing with the mediation for the first time have to ask them whether ARLA or NAEA members, and at least one employee by ARLA certification exam. If for no other, just to protect our own interests.

If you have any questions about student accommodation Edinburgh, welcome to call the small house, we will arrange professional consultant for you to do detailed answer seriously.

Edinburgh student accommodation experience”

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