Free American History Homeschool Curriculum

Free American History Homeschool

There are lots of ways to learn American history. You can build a program from lots of different resources or find a full curriculum that has everything for you. Some of the options are free and others are available at a cost. Whatever your preference here are some suggestions for learning American history homeschool style.

A People’s History of the United States is a website that offers history lessons based on Howard Zinn’s book. The site focuses on the role of working people, women, and minorities in shaping history. The website also includes lesson plans and other educational tools.

The National Archives has a resource called Docs Teach which is a collection of activities that help students understand primary source documents. The activities are sorted by era and grade level. They can be downloaded or printed and include a variety of activities including reading, writing, and research. The National Archive also has a website called Explore History which provides students with information about important events and dates in US history.

Free American History Homeschool Curriculum

Another great option is the Getting Started Guide for Teaching American History. This is a document that has links to all the different resources you will need for each week of the school year. It will give you a timeline, a reading list, a project schedule, and much more. The guide is designed for kindergarten through middle school and can be adapted to other grades as well.

Bringing Up Learners has a free world history curriculum called Mosaic. It uses a wide variety of living books, websites, hands on activities and more to teach children about the world and its history. The site also has a Yahoo group to connect families who use the curriculum.

There are several free american history homeschool curriculum that can be used to supplement any curriculum. These include the Rush Revere Time Travel Adventure series which is a fun way to study American history with kids. This series is aimed at grades four to eight but it is flexible and some parents have used it with older children as well. There are also free books by G. A. Henty as well as Jim Hodges audio stories.

If you prefer a video format Crash Course has lots of different videos on history topics. They are a favorite of many homeschoolers. Beautiful Feet has a unit study pack for middle school and high school that is a little different from other American history units out there in that it studies American history with a world view in mind.

If you want a Christian curriculum try Notgrass History which presents history in story form. Sonlight programs go through a whole history cycle three times during elementary and middle school so that the student will have a deeper understanding of the subjects. Blossom and Root has a secular living history approach and Memoria Press has guides for first through high school with a classical approach to history.

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