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How can you burn belly fat? follow this guide

We all want an attractive and healthy body. Unfortunately we all store fat, we store fat in various places. The abdomen and hips are the places where it is stored the most. The belly is one of the most problematic areas.

On top of that, it gets in your way and your clothes don’t fit you anymore, it’s also one of the most unhealthy places to accumulate fat.

Belly fat is dangerous because it increases the possibility of contracting diseases such as diabetes and heart and vascular diseases. Do you have abdominal fat and want to burn it? Then read this article so that you know what to do to get rid of it.

How can you burn that belly fat?

One of the problem areas where many people want to lose fat is around the belly. Do you want this too? There are various commercials on TV or on the Internet that promise you a tight stomach. Promises that you don’t always get rid of belly fat. Don’t be fooled by commercials like:

  • Train your abs for 8 minutes a day for a tight stomach

  • Superfoods that help you lose fat

Don’t be fooled by the commercials above. These products or training are not going to help you burn belly fat. It is often nonsense. After reading this article you will know how to lose fat. I’d like to share this information with you, but you’ll have to work through it yourself.

The truth about abs

If an ad appears promising you’ll grow a tight stomach in a week, then you know it’s nonsense. A short workout will not help you change your body drastically.

It takes enough training and hard work to achieve it. It doesn’t happen overnight. You must be willing to work for this.

Some facts about the abdominal muscles:

1. Everyone has abdominal muscles. Maybe you have a stomach and you think you don’t have abdominal muscles.

2. You also have abs, they just aren’t strong, trained and visible. But you can change that.

3. You can’t turn fat into muscle. It’s good to know that you can’t turn fat into muscle. Fat always stays on top of your muscles. If you only train your abs you will not lose the fat from your abs.

4. Abdominal muscles can only be seen with a low percentage of fat. If your fat percentage doesn’t drop, you’ll never build abdominal muscles. To grow a six pack you have to eat healthy, train hard and get enough rest.

Local weight loss doesn’t work.

It is not possible to lose weight only in one place. If you just want to lose stomach fat, it’s good to understand that this doesn’t work. Workouts that are only suitable for a specific body part don’t work.

These exercises are good for training your muscles but they will not help you lose fat in a certain place. Now that you know this, you naturally want to know how you can lose your stomach fat.

This depends on a number of things, such as your age, your gender, your weight, and your genetic predisposition to developing fat. Therefore, these are parts that you cannot influence due to certain workouts. For men, this often means they develop belly fat while women store fat on the hips and abdomen.

Losing this fat is not that easy. Now that you know this, it is necessary to come up with a good plan that will greatly reduce your fat percentage so that you can finally burn that belly fat.

healthy food

To help you even better, we’re sharing a few tips to get you started today. Keep in mind that this won’t change in a day, you’ll have to adjust the way you eat to really get rid of that tummy.

  • Keep a food journal to find out what you eat every day. Counting calories isn’t necessary, but it can make you more aware of what you eat every day.

  • Get in the habit of eating vegetables with every meal. Put cucumber slices on your cheese sandwich, have a tomato in the middle, and refrigerate with carrot or bell pepper.

  • Eat enough protein because it is good for building muscle. Make it a habit to eat an egg as a snack and eat enough fish and meat every day.

  • Fats are important building materials that must be ingested. This refers to healthy fats like nuts, olive oil, and avocado. Keep using your common sense, eating nuts all day is also not healthy due to the many calories.

enough exercise

Healthy nutrition is an important part of developing a tight stomach. The rule of thumb is that a healthy body consists of 80% healthy food combined with 20% exercise. There are some basics to moving in the right way so you lose that belly.

no more abs

Maybe it feels good to do crunches, but this doesn’t work. Crunches won’t help you lose your stomach. Performing crunches is even unhealthy for your posture. Because your muscles are trained in a certain way, your back will suffer.

train large muscle groups

If you want a tight stomach you should stop doing abdominal exercises. With many abdominal exercises, you have the feeling that your abdomen has been trained, but it seems that it has not. The muscles are isolated in most abdominal exercises.

Compound exercises are suitable for training the abdominal muscles. Think exercises like deadlifts, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and lunges. A long walk also helps you train your abdomen.

good abdominal exercises

Do you enjoy doing abdominal exercises but want them to take effect? Then perform the following exercises to get a firmer abdomen.

  • 1. The farmer walks lifting heavy objects where he trains the whole body.

  • 2. The plank is the best exercise to train the abs.

  • 3. Ab Wheel, an enhancement to the plank exercise, to get even firmer.

Do the following to lose fat:

  • Eat healthy foods, the basis of a toned body lies in a healthy, nutritious and low-fat diet. Take plenty of time to prepare healthy meals.

  • HITT training (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a short period of training in which you exercise intensely. With this training, you strengthen a large group of muscles, which in turn helps to lose the belly.

  • Enough rest, when you lose weight you need to rest. So make sure you get enough sleep and make time to relax.

When do you see results?

Eating healthier and getting enough exercise will make your body stronger and fitter.

You will see results after a short period of four to six weeks. By weighing yourself and checking your fat percentage, you will discover that your body is changing. For men, the fat percentage should be less than 15% to create a six pack, and for women, it should be less than 25%.

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