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Johns Island Real Estate – More than meets the eye

Charleston’s close location to John’s Island makes attractions in Charleston more lucrative. The most famous vacation spot in the Charleston area is Myrtle Beach and the Grand Stand. Grand Strand is the beach area and includes a variety of shops, restaurants, and fishing opportunities. This area covers more than sixty miles of white sand beaches where families come from all over the country to enjoy the summer weather.

The most visited center on the Grand Strand is Myrtle Beach. With a variety of sporting opportunities, Myrtle Beach offers visitors tennis courts, onshore and offshore fishing, over a hundred golf courses, and ocean swimming. Along with sporting activities, the beach allows visitors to shop at malls and specialty stores, visit nightclubs, or enjoy live musical theater.

In 2008 Myrtle Beach will open its latest tourist attraction Hard Rock Park. Licensed by the same owners that have opened Hard Rock Caf├ęs around the world, Hard Rock Park will be an amusement park centered around a rock and roll theme. The main attraction will be Mount Rockmore, a derivative of Mount Rushmore with four busts including John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. The amusement park will have a variety of roller coasters and restaurants. The signature roller coaster is Led Zeppelin: The Ride, a roller coaster built by B&M to the music of Led Zeppelin. lots of love. The roller coaster will stand 155 feet tall, feature six inversions, and will spiral over the existing lagoon and run along the side of the park off George Bishop Parkway.

Another famous restaurant in the Myrtle Beach area is The Medieval Times Restaurant & Tournament. This dinner is a two-hour show and dinner where patrons are dined from set menus, who are asked to eat without utensils, while watching knights perform different medieval shows and sporting events. Customers are divided into six different colored teams based on their seats within the establishment.

Murrells Inlet has earned the name of the Seafood Capital of South Carolina due to the abundance of shellfish that live within the area’s waters. This seafood has allowed local restaurants to offer their customers the freshest seafood in South Carolina.

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