New communication tools creating ripples online

With the ever-increasing need to communicate over the web, consumers definitely need and want new tools, and web companies are answering the call. New communication tools are making their way to the forefront. Anything from calendars to instant messaging and Skype is now available to consumers. But perhaps the most talked about communication tool today for creating waves is Google Wave. Essentially, Google Wave is a collaborative document editing and sharing tool with the functionality of an email program, instant messenger, all in one too. It can be part of the wave, add to an existing wave, or edit the wave. Essentially, anyone who is part of the wave can perform these functions. This is in contrast to current communication tools that exist individually. Therefore, Google Wave offers a more diverse communication experience by incorporating all of these features into a single platform.

There are now programs available that allow you to invite someone to view documents and then they can help you work on them. Google Apps Premier Edition and Microsoft Groove are just some of the programs that now enable this new technology. Workspaces are shared virtually, and while employees may not be in the same location, they can now collaborate and work on projects together.

Skype is another online communication tool that allows people to communicate with each other. It incorporates the use of a webcam and a phone-like service where you can conference call and talk to each other in real time. Collaborative efforts can now be taken to the next level. Someone who works at the North Pole can still talk to someone who works at the South Pole. Skype works virtually everywhere and is featured and reviewed on Opra, Skype is definitely making headlines. VoxOx is similar to Skype, but has social media integration and communicates via text messages to cell phones.

ELEcture allows you to broadcast your own interactive lectures over the Internet. This is a great example of how a communication tool on the Internet can be of great help to the educational community. Students can now attend lectures virtually, just as if they were in the classroom listening to the instructor. Students can ask questions, post answers, and send comments in real-time chat mode.

Stinto helps you create virtual chat rooms that are disposable and can be used on a temporary basis. This is perfect if you have multiple people to communicate with and don’t have time for everyone to access the same chat service. The ability to create a temporary chat room works wonders for large companies. When you’re done, delete it or block it for privacy. Another platform that offers the same type of service is ChatMaker.

TeachMate is a wonderful resource for online communication that is now available to students and teachers around the world. You can share your experience or find someone who can help you with what you need to know. All you have to do is enter the information you would like to learn and then you can find someone who can help you.

There are a wide variety of online communication tools that are now available to the Internet-using public. Almost everything you need to communicate online is available. Software companies are definitely answering the call to meet the needs of the public. Online communication tools have come a long way from what they used to be with just email and the chat room; however, these are still popular forms of online communication today. Society has demanded better tools in recent years and we are now seeing the effects of it. Online communication continues to grow and will continue to grow as the majority of the public uses the World Wide Web to communicate in their daily lives.

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