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No problems getting there in Bora Bora

When it comes to getting there in Bora Bora, a variety of options come into play. As Bora Bora has come to be known as the most beautiful island in the world, the island has been host to tourists for more than 40 years. Any guest to Bora Bora would be carried away by the beauty that abounded on the island.

Located 155 miles northeast of Tahiti, “getting there on Bora Bora” begins with reaching Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia.

Like anywhere else in French Polynesia, you have to stop in Papeete to visit the other islands of the archipelago. A traveler bound for Bora Bora has a variety of options to choose from in Papeete. From charter planes, boats, sailboats / boats, or helicopter services, guests bound for Bora Bora would have nothing to worry about.

Charter services are offered by Air Moorea and Air Archipels, in case one is interested in chartering a plane to get there in Bora Bora.

Boat trips are provided by Vaeanu and Stim-The “Hawaiki-Nui” and Maputi Express, in case this is one’s idea to get there in Bora Bora.

Several companies offer sailboat / boat rentals to get to Bora Bora. Tane Catamaran Charters, The Moorings, Taaroa III, Tahiti Yacht Charter, Dufour Tahiti, Stardust Yacht Charters, Bisou Fute Charters, Archipels Croisieres, Star Voyage Pacifique, Pacific Dream Charters, Polynesie Yacht Charters, Aqua Polyneise, Croisiere Fai Manu, Tahiti Boats and Mar, Croisiere Polynesie Titana, Motor Yacht Chater / Atara Royal, Coup De Coeur, Vela Huahine Voile, O’Hana, Blue Lagoon Charter, L’Escapade and Aliosha.

Polynesia Helicopters offers helicopter rental services.

Of course, getting there in Bora Bora is not limited to getting there in Bora Bora. One also has to get around the island, and there are a variety of transportation options available to choose from.

Fare Piti Locations, Europcar Bora Bora, and Fredo Fils Rent-A-Car provide car rental services to guests in Bora Bora. Taxi Motu Bora Bora, Rene and Magy Locations offer boat rentals. Water taxi services are provided by Taxi Motu Bora Bora and Moana Adventure Tours, while ground taxi services are provided by Charley Taxi and Isnard Taxi Service.

Bora Bora’s main form of public transportation is Le Truck, a bus that runs around half the island. Go back a quarter every hour.

Getting there in Bora Bora poses no problem. The only problem, if necessary, would be to leave Bora Bora, after experiencing the magic of the island.

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