Older Pugs Are Special! Caring for your older pug can be a heartwarming experience

Pugs are adorable pets. They are loyal, adorable, and are the perfect companion. But, like their owner, they grow old and at some point all Pug owners are faced with reality: their Pug has become a senior citizen. In this throwaway society, where everything that becomes a little worn or outdated, it is sad to think that aging can become a burden. For humans there are nursing homes, but for Pugs, who have been up in years, they can only rely on the love of their owner.

It’s hard to watch your little friend grow old. If you got your Pug when he was a puppy, it can be especially sad to see him slow down and have a hard time seeing or hearing. But there are three things to keep in mind that will make your Pug’s golden years more comfortable.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your Pug will have to take it easy. As your Pug ages, keep in mind that his “senior years” will begin when he is around seven years old. This means that the walks he used to take with you require a bit more effort than before. Be mindful of the pace you take on your walk and consider shortening the path you take. Three shorter walks will be less stressful for your older Pug and may actually be more beneficial to him. Arthritis can be a factor in an older dog and you should consult your veterinarian about proper care for this condition if your little friend appears to be in pain or discomfort during the walk.

The second tip is related to one of the health problems that affect all Pugs: obesity. This little breed of dog loves to eat. It’s quite comical watching a Pug starve to death in hopes of getting a bite of food. No matter how old your Pug is, he never seems to lose his appetite. But keep in mind that as your activity level decreases, the amount of food you eat should also be reduced. This is especially true with your treats. One of the compromises that we have found very successful is baby carrots. Our Pug loves these as a gift. We encourage you to consult your vet, but from what we have heard, they are a very healthy alternative if administered in moderation. Try it with your Pug. We were absolutely in awe of how much they loved this treat. Maybe it’s the crunch they like, but it certainly makes for a healthy treat.

The third thing to watch out for is an increased sensitivity to cold. An older Pug can get cold more easily and seems to like a warm area very much. Consider moving your sleeping area closer to a heater. It will make it much more comfortable.

Yes, it is difficult to watch your faithful companion grow old, but it is also a time when you can return all the years of affection they have given you. A Pug seems to know that you are taking very good care of him and it is not unusual to see the strong bond between Pug and his owner grow even stronger during the golden years. It’s a time to be thankful for all the love your Pug has shown you and to make his later years as comfortable as possible.

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