Remembering the Titanic – Survivor Margaret Devaney

James Cameron’s Avatar has made people remember the last major movie the director made before introducing said sci-fi movie. Titanic was the blockbuster that took over the world, thus recording the story of Jack and Rose in the memory of each one of us. With this, a combined trailer was made creating the said sequel to this story Titanic Two the Surface by Robert Blakenheim aka Derek Johnson. This was followed by another sequel to the Titanic 3 sequel trailer: Margaret Devaney’s Never Let Go, however keep in mind that this Margaret is only a pseudo one inspired by the real Margaret: a true-to-life survivor of the Titanic.

Margaret Delia Deveney shows that she was around 19 or 20 when she boarded the Titanic in Queenstown. She came from Kilmacowen, County Sligo, Ireland, which she decides to leave to settle in New York, where she lives with a brother and two sisters. She entered the Titanic as a third-class passenger with two friends who came from the same hometown as her: Maria Delia Burns and Kate Hargadon.

In the interview he took in 1973, he gave a background check on the night the Titanic collided with the iceberg. She remembered that an older friend of hers had alerted her and her two friends of hers to the disaster and decided to investigate on the aft deck. Confirming that she returned to her cabin to claim their life jackets, unfortunately the second class door was closed, which made them decide to climb the stairs from the Arf Well deck to the second class station.

On the way, one of the girls got dizzy and decided to stop. The other friend stayed to wait with her sick friend while Margaret proceeded to search for a boat, intending to return for them after locating one. Unfortunately, when she reached the top, her shock pushed her into the boat, preventing her from going back for her friends. As the boat was about to be lowered, she got caught on the boat’s rivet. To help free them, she Margaret lent the man in charge of her boat her pocket knife to free the collapsible.

After her rescue, the celebration projection tracks Margaret living in New York and marrying John Joseph O’Neil in 1919. They later moved to New Jersey and had six children (one, Helen, who currently lives in Clifton, New York). Sweater).

Margaret frequently gave interviews about the Titanic as a background check. She was one of the survivors who attended the opening night of the film A Night to Remember at its New York premiere.

After her husband’s death, Margaret moved to Clifton, New Jersey. At the age of 82, on June 12, 1974, she passed away and was buried in Holy Name Cemetery, New Jersey.

Today, the knife that was used to help release the boat is just one of the relics he kept from the Titanic incident. Along with his ticket which was kept in the pocket of his sweater he was wearing that night, and the flag given to him by the man in charge of the ship, it was given to him in gratitude while on the Carpathia-Margaret descendants still treasure them of the Night that changed millions of lives.

Margaret’s legacy and her story, along with those who survived the tragedy, will always be remembered and preserved. She may not be the Margaret who made the second trailer for the so-called sequel, but that alone is proof that she was part of something that made people realize how every second of life should be appreciated. .

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