The benefits of satellite radio

Radio is one of the oldest means of communication in the world. Long before there was television, radio served to bring the nation together to hear news, stories, and generally enjoy a common experience. Television has largely fulfilled the role that radio once had, but radio as a medium has become places that television can never fully control if the status quo remains the same.

For example, although television is popular in the car, it does not have the potential that radio offers. This is largely due to our society and our drive-alone mentality. Millions of commuters every day tune in to their favorite radio shows instead of watching TV, because we’re talking about drivers, not passengers.

That said, travelers have more choice in radio programming than ever before. What options are available? Well, for starters, consumers can choose between free radio and satellite radio. Why would you want to pay for radio when you can listen to stations for free? There are quite a few reasons, actually. One reason may be that you live in an area where radio reception is poor (areas in Oklahoma come to mind), or maybe your area doesn’t offer the station format you prefer. Satellite radio offers a huge variety of channels. You can choose talk radio, sports coverage or any type of music format you can conceive of.

What about portability; Is satellite radio limited to vehicle use only? Hardly; Depending on the receiver configuration you purchase, you can listen to Sirius or XM in your car, at home, or through the option of a boombox or even listen to it while walking, jogging, or biking. There are quite a few receivers that have multi-format options. Most of these are specifically designed to appeal to consumers looking for broad application benefits. In short, they are designed for consumers who want to use the same device, access the widest range of programming options, wherever they are.

Which satellite radio company is the best option? Currently, Sirius and XM are very close, although XM offers a few more channels, while Sirius has more exclusive programming options. Regardless of the proposed merger of the two companies, the format is likely to remain the same. This means you can still expect to get access to all of your favorite programming and show hosts.

Sirius radio is the fastest growing of the two providers. There are a couple of reasons behind this. One reason is that the satellites used by Sirius offer better reception in parking lots and downtown, as well as extend their range into northern Canada. Another reason Sirius is gaining popularity is due to the original programming they offer, including unique talk show personalities like Howard Stern and other original formats like Led Zeppelin Radio and unique music show hosting platforms. No matter what kind of programming you want, you’ll find it with Sirius radio, usually in spades.

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