The growing popularity of Internet radio

With an Internet radio, you can get your message across to a wider audience simply and inexpensively. The audience for online radio is growing rapidly. Technology has made streaming easier with the help of a laptop and devices like iPhones and iPods. By having a great idea and having a phone, you can host your own radio show anytime you want.

We have statistical data that reveals that more than 22 million adults in the United States own an MP3 player or iPod. 29% of this population download podcasts through the Internet, allowing them to enjoy their favorite music at any time that is convenient for them. It means that more than six million adults have used this new feature that allows them to download “broadcasts” from the Internet and listen to them on devices with which they can move comfortably.

These days, you can watch TV shows on your cell phone. Now it’s possible to stay connected in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. You don’t need to be in a particular place at a specific time to watch your favorite show or listen to the music you love. Programs that until now could only be viewed at a particular time from home can now be enjoyed while sitting in a roadside restaurant or in the backyard.

The radio that we have been using for generations is becoming obsolete as an increasing number of people are already using the Internet to get their information when they want it and in the way they want it. There is no doubt that the radio that we have known until today will not be there in fifteen years.

The latest technology has changed the programming rules. Unlike the rules applicable to world radios, formats such as Blog Talk Radio and social networking sites can now function as an Internet radio network, allowing their partners to host radio programs. Such a format allows an ordinary person with an idea or a passion to program on their own and create their own radio show.

Now, people have the opportunity to create a new kind of digital platform, allowing them to produce a message and deliver it to a much wider audience than they could in the past. Statistical data reveals that consumers in the high income bracket are Internet radio users. It is estimated that 36% of these clients, over the age of eighteen, are more likely to live in households with incomes greater than $ 1,000, compared to the normal population in the United States.

Now companies and even individuals can get your message across to a wide range of listeners around the world. With an increasing number of consumers sponsoring Internet radio, new opportunities will continue to emerge for both listeners and creators of radio programs.

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