Training Rottweiler puppies can be very rewarding, exciting and crucial.

Training Rottweiler puppies is not unlike the concept behind training any type of dog, that concept is that the trainer needs to be trained as well.

Trained in knowing your breed, knowing the best training methods for that breed, knowing what is required of yourself.

All this while trying to understand and get a feel for the nature and temperament of the dog will all lead to a well behaved and obedient companion and friend for life.

I’m sure you’ve heard of or are partially aware that Rottweilers can be difficult, especially for inexperienced owners.

For this reason, before having a Rottweiler puppy, it would be a good idea to start with the parents, i.e. living conditions, temperament, owners, etc., which is not always possible.

In these cases here is some advice, animals tend to bond with their owners, so it is a good idea when choosing your Rottweiler puppy to separate him from the litter and try to create some kind of connection.

At this time, you should know what sex you want, as you should never decide the sex at that moment, because you could be very disappointed when the puppy becomes an adult.

You have to keep in mind that a different sex means a whole different set of responsibilities that could leave you feeling down, for example, when a female dog goes into heat and starts dripping all over the place.

These responsibilities are not those of the Rottweiler and this is what people misunderstand and tend to blame on the Rottweiler.

When in reality the owner is always to blame for any misrepresentation of the Species in the behavior of the dog.

You see, it is the owner’s responsibility to cultivate a Rottweiler breed ambassador and be able to exemplify all that the breeds stand for.

The way to achieve this is to get your pup as soon as possible after he has been weaned from his mother, which is usually six to eight weeks, depending on how many brothers and sisters he has.

At this time I would recommend that you do something special or different with the puppy that it has not had before, for example, some type of treat or petting.

As an example I find this works for me, on the top of the Rottweiler’s head there is a small hump or ridge and you can rub it with just one finger.

Although it may not seem like it, your training has begun after spending this quality time with your newly chosen friend, companion, and protector, and this is before you’ve even brought them home.

However, it is at home that you must continue to train and be consistent, firm and in control of your pup at all times, this ensures that you end up with the type of dog behavior that you desire.

Training Rottweiler puppies is one of the most rewarding, exciting and satisfying things you can do for them, don’t you know?

They will enjoy it immensely, especially if you take on the role of Alpha, which means that their sole purpose in life is to serve and please you.

Training Rottweiler puppies is the same as telling them what you want and expect from them and they are willing and eager to comply as your subordinate.

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect in any dog ‚Äč‚Äčtraining program and possibly even more so with Rottweiler training as they are very dominant dogs.

Sometimes they will even try to trick you or even try to intimidate you to find out if you are really the alpha or if they have to take on the role.

Also, due to their size and power, you either need to be physically stronger or as strong as them, enough to control them or you need to be the dominant Alpha and be able to control their actions through your authority.

The latter is always the best way to go with Rottweilers, as they become your friend the easiest and you get the best results every time.

It should also be understood that Rottweilers will not respect anyone who cannot control them, it is just the nature of the animal.

Education, understanding, learning, training, knowledge, implementation are some of the things, but by no means limited to, that the Rottweiler should not be thought of.

Rather, these are the things the owner needs to create the best soldier and long-time companion and friend, all of which stem from training Rottweiler puppies the right way.

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