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What does it mean if a guy wants a platonic relationship?

Sometimes with a guy who is your friend, he might want to have what is called a platonic relationship with you as a woman. This term is not commonly used, so some women are not quite sure what it means. It is important to understand the difference between this type of relationship and another so as not to be embarrassed.

A platonic relationship means that you are just friends. Generally speaking, it is used as a term between friendships of the opposite sex. The idea is that they are friends but there is nothing more than that. Things like a sexual relationship or a deeper emotional relationship are not part of the friendship and are not the intentions of either person involved.

In general terms, the term is used as a way of informing what the intentions are. With opposite-sex relationships, sometimes one or both partners can get the wrong idea and think it’s something it’s not. It is important that the other knows what the true intentions are.

Sometimes it may not be that he doesn’t find you attractive. It may be that he doesn’t feel that a relationship would work, that he isn’t ready for a relationship, or that he doesn’t feel that you are compatible. The key is not to take it personally. If he himself brings this up in your friendship, he is trying to be clear with you and fair with you.

As a woman you have to be careful. Sometimes some men use the idea of ​​being in a platonic relationship with you to get closer to you. He will usually let his guard down when he feels like he is just a friend. If there are times when he mentions or pushes for sex, he’s not really just doing it for friendship.

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