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Where to go for the best coffee deals in Broward County?

Drinking coffee is part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Whether for breakfast, snack or even during heavy meals, coffee is a regular. If you’re looking for the best tasting coffee in Broward County, here are some recommendations.

  • L&S Personal Coffee

This cafeteria is not typical. It brings a variety of coffee blends that every coffee lover must try. In just a few months since it opened this year, the shop is already turning heads among coffee aficionados and those who simply want to get away from the typical brand of coffee they used to drink. His K-cups are also receiving rave responses from people who have walked into his facility. This mix and match coffee shop concept is definitely a must try. And one more thing, buying their coffee blends also helps some organizations. Head over to 9629 Westview Drive in Coral Springs and be one of the people to sample their personal coffee blends! Call 954-346-7224 for other details.

  • The seed

It is not uncommon to find a snack bar that offers different types of drinks such as juices, smoothies and coffee. But what sets this coffee shop apart from mixed coffee shops is the type of coffee it offers its customers. Credited with being the first of its kind in Boca Raton, their cafes are something to come back to. In addition to the typical concoctions such as the cortado, the macchiato and the Americano, you should also try their Chai Latte made up of black tea and Indian spices and herbs. Better yet, go to 199 W. Palmetto Park Road, Suite E. The number to call is 561-430-5640.

  • Sip Java Co.

Since last December, this coffee shop has been serving customers at 638 N Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. In an attempt to take the definition of a neighborhood café into a deeper meaning, Sip Java makes new visitors feel like old friends. The coffees on their menu are from different producers who are also experts when it comes to coffee production and processing. Customers who have already had their coffees in this shop have only good words to say about the delicious and excellent flavor notes that each sip offers. For other inquiries about their coffee and other menu offerings, please dial 954-358-3966.

  • Brew Urban Cafe next door

This is another coffee shop that is unique. It merges in its concept a cafeteria and a photographic studio. It is located at 537 NW 1st Avenue also in Fort Lauderdale. His site allows his clients to enjoy their sips of their favorite coffee flavors while they delight in professional photo shoots from the studio next door. The digits to remember for inquiries are 954-357-3934.

The innovations made by coffee shop owners in their places are exciting many coffee lovers. Broward County and the cities and towns that comprise it are very rich in flavors. Not surprisingly, the coffees served in its many bars and restaurants are among the best in the region. This is not to mention the great efforts that are being made to bring local coffee farmers closer to customers.

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