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Xbox 360 freezing: stop freezing and start playing now

If you are constantly facing the freezing problem on your Xbox 360 console, this article is helpful for you. Freezing the Xbox 360 console is not an unusual problem. It is a widespread problem. It is estimated that around 1 million people are facing the Xbox 360 freezing problem. In July 2007, Microsoft announced that 5% of the game consoles sold are failing and the rest are likely to fail. Even some gaming magazines have surveyed that a third of all Xbox 360 units sold will have freezing issues within a year.

What are the causes of Xbox 360 freezing?

Overheating is the main culprit for this freezing problem on your console. The faulty cooling system causes the console to overheat and your console to freeze so you don’t melt your internal hardware. The visible effect of these internal changes is that your green lights will turn into 3 flashing red lights.

How to stop freezing

Putting the console near the window and letting it cool down is a delicate way to approach the problem. If this simple trick proves to be workable, then you are lucky enough to avoid all the additional technical handling of the console. Still, the problem is there, send the console to Microsoft’s service center and let them take care of the repair at no cost. However, if your console’s warranty period expires and you don’t intend to wait months and you’re not ready to spend more than $ 140, check out the DIY (do-it-yourself) Xbox 360 repair guide.

Yes, by following the DIY repair guide you can solve this freezing problem yourself. This guide can be easily obtained on the Internet. It is in digital format and can be downloaded for no more than $ 30. In addition, it ensures the money back guarantee and online help. You don’t need to be a technical master to consult this guide. Also, repairing your console does not require any sophisticated or specific tools. With household instruments, you can fix the problem by following the step-by-step instructions given in the guide. The guide’s high-quality tutorial videos will certainly have you fixing your Xbox 360 console and eliminating the freezing problem permanently on your own in an hour. Also, you will start playing from time to time.

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