Blooming in Paris through Parisian life

Being in Paris gives you a feeling of being impressive. Whether you are in an alley or on the main road or on the sidewalk, there are people with a touch of elegance in them. Various cafes and restaurants will allow you to increase your appetite. It is the feeling of being in the middle of history and modern fashion. […]

Bollywood Tourism

It is an emerging global battle between tourism boards to join the Bollywood saga. Bollywood is the international and most popular definition of the Hindi film industry in India, which is perhaps also one of the largest in the world. By selling a billion more tickets than Hollywood, Bollywood showcases themes from around the world. The Hindi film industry has […]

Capitalism must always be capitalized in the capital

Over the past weekend I was reading a very famous Peter Drucker book “Post-Capitalist Society”, which he produced in 1993. Dr. Drucker is obviously a fan of capitalism, but he also approaches it from a free perspective. the market and academic displacement simultaneously. As much as his comments on “post-capitalism” annoy me and I want to disagree with his conclusions […]

Fiji: The New Organic Culinary Spot

When I left Australia to work in one of the iconic resorts on the island of Fiji, I thought I would not be here for more than 12 months. Train locals, install new menus, sample local cuisine, and move on to the next task, probably a more food-oriented Asia, as Fiji has never been known as a culinary hotspot. I […]

Find the angel within you

I am very grateful and grateful to my kind friend who has generously passed me one of his many inspiring books, “The Angel Within” by Chris Widener. It’s about Michelangelo’s secrets to following your passion and finding the job you love. The book is simple, easy to read, but incredibly powerful. It serves as a guide to help readers discover […]

Miyajima – Sacred Island

The very, very fast Shinkansen took me from Kyoto to Hiroshima at 300 km / h. Wow! Hiro = Width. Shima = Island. Hiroshima = Wide Island. It is not actually an island, but a group of islands created by the many rivers that run down the mountain and run through the city. Once I got here, I went directly […]

FHA 203K loans: blessing or nightmare

Good news for homeless people. There is an opportunity through the FHA to buy a home and rehab it right away. The loan is called 203k and the benefits of financing your first home or your first home in more than 5 years in this way are numerous. First, you can buy a house with a 3% down payment plus […]

A tantric practice to activate and clear your energy

Bija Mantra chakra cleansing practice This is a sound technique that can remove blockages and activate energy centers. Activation of these energy centers allows ecstatic energy to flow to every part of the body. When ecstasy flows, it enhances all aspects of your life: sexual, spiritual, and worldly. Create a quiet and beautiful space where you will not be disturbed. […]

A passion for hiking in the southern Utah desert

By southern Utah, I mean the area south of I-70 and east of I-15. Being a desert rat, I admitted a bias. Also, I love rattlesnakes. However, the area is remarkable, by any yardstick, for geological wonders and archaeological experiences. When I thought of my favorite hikes, they all fell into that area that I love. That was not surprising, […]