Understanding Activity Reasons

Understanding activity indices is a very important tool for evaluating a company’s performance. Whether you are interpreting your company’s financial ratios or evaluating another company, it is essential to understand what activity ratios indicate about a company’s performance. Activity ratios are often called efficiency ratios because they measure how efficiently a company manages its assets. Activity indices can be divided […]

Can Natural Sources Be Used to Add Minerals to Distilled Water?

Importance of Minerals be Overstated Adding minerals to distilled water is an effective way to improve the quality of your drinking water and help to replenish essential body nutrients. This process is known as remineralizing and it can be done in a variety of ways, from using a specialized mineral filter to adding drops of mineral concentrate. Regardless of the […]

Use of class codes 0042 and 9102

Workers’ compensation insurance in Florida and approximately 40 other states uses a rating code system designed by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to rate insurance premiums differently for groups of employees. There are approximately 600 class codes, and the two main codes used for employees in the landscape industry are 0042 and 9102. I often come across landscape […]

How consultants overcharge their clients

Consultant ‘Benefit Enhancers’ When an organization hires management or IT consultants, line managers must ensure that the consultants deliver the promised results. In this article, I outline six techniques used by consultancies to maximize their own profitability. Some of these are just business insights, some are dishonest, some are fraudulent, all are widespread in the consulting industry. By making organizations […]

Basic Guide for Foreign Buyers of Real Estate in the USA

As the Great Recession slowly but surely fades with hopes of an eventual recovery on the horizon, foreign buyers and investors are beginning to look for opportunities in the US real estate market again. Although the housing market’s steady recovery is still a “work in progress,” many foreigners acknowledge that US real estate is “for sale,” plus the dollar is […]

Discount Tire Franchise Review

With more than 790 stores in 23 states, Discount Tire Company has grown to become the world’s largest self-regulated tire and wheel retailer today. In 1960, company founder Bruce T. Halle borrowed a building on Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, MI. Although the catalog consisted of only six tires (four of which were retreads) and the showroom area was not […]