A clear and unbroken chain of titles

The chain of titles is a clear and unbroken chronological record of the ownership of a specific property. Tracing the title chain simply means tracing successive title transfers, starting with the current deed and going back an appropriate number of years. Each owner is linked to the previous owner and the subsequent owner through deeds, forming a chain of title […]

Are there holes in your SOX? (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for public and private companies)

Summary: Enron’s illicit transgressions and others like them in the late 1990s led to the creation of regulations to standardize the reliability of financial institutions and public companies. Companies facing SOX compliance will need to consider the following: What are best practice processes, how do these processes differ from existing practices, how should new processes be implemented, and how can […]

The growing popularity of Internet radio

With an Internet radio, you can get your message across to a wider audience simply and inexpensively. The audience for online radio is growing rapidly. Technology has made streaming easier with the help of a laptop and devices like iPhones and iPods. By having a great idea and having a phone, you can host your own radio show anytime you […]

Business accounting software

Accounting is a system for collecting, summarizing, analyzing and reporting, in monetary terms, information about an organization. The final product of business accounting software is the financial statements that consist of the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, and the statement of changes in financial position. These statements are, therefore, the source of information from which conclusions can be […]

How your eBay store should develop

As global economic struggles continue, people are trying to find ways to make money. Throughout all this quest to find new ways to make money, people have stumbled upon using the internet to earn money. One of those forms of income potential associated with the Internet on eBay. Having an eBay store brings with it many benefits including affordability, ease […]

The SEO Benefits of Local Business Listings

Connecting with local customers is a crucial part of any business, and effectively applying the benefits of local listings is a great way to do it. As a growing number of customers search for products, businesses, and information online when researching a purchase, it becomes increasingly important to focus on providing accurate information to customers searching near you. Fortunately, there […]

4 useful qualities of the conference phone

A Bluetooth conference phone is perfect for the home or small office to make hands-free calls or a convenient conference call. By using this type of phone, it is easier to connect with two or more people for a meeting without needing to be in the same place. Bluetooth technology is very versatile and allows you to talk to other […]

Sales 101: Learning About Price vs. cost

Ever since there have been documented records, there have been merchants, or as we are called in the modern vernacular, sellers. People want things. People need things. Considering that there will always be a public demand for something, there will always be a need for sellers! It has been said that “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” This is absolutely […]