Benefits of a dog cage

Puppies and adult dogs alike, a dog crate can be a useful training tool for dogs of any age. Dogs naturally crave shelter even indoors, they will find it under a table, chair or bed, pretty much anywhere that makes them feel safe and secure. By providing your dog with a dog crate, you are giving him the security he […]

The fastest cure for tonsil stones

Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, are caused by the impaction of food particles that mix with mucus and are acted upon by bacteria to produce a sticky substance around the tonsils. Once it mixes with calcium and dead epithelial cells (dead as a result of the natural wear and tear process), tonsil stones are produced. Prevention and cure for tonsils, both […]

How to convince your parents to let you play paintball

Have you been dying to go watch paintball, but don’t know how to convince your parents to let you? Many of us teenage paintballers have struggled with this age-old problem. For some reason, parents (especially moms) don’t seem too excited about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir sons and daughters running around getting covered in paint. crazy right? As such, I thought […]

sleep to succeed in school

Am I telling you to encourage your child to sleep at school? NOT! If your child is sleeping at school or falling asleep doing homework, it means your child is not getting the right amount and/or quality sleep at night. Your child’s sleep has a significant impact on his performance in school. For our children to be healthy they need […]

What are the causes of teenage pregnancy?

In our world today, especially in developing countries, teenage pregnancy is the result of traditional roles and early marriage, because teenage pregnancy is seen as a blessing and proof that a young woman is fertile. In most cases, poverty contributes to this, when one has no one to take care of them at an early age. In the developed world, […]

Cleaning sugar glider cages

If you think it smells gross, your sugar gliders probably think it’s gross to live in. The cage will need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, perhaps more if you have more than 2 sugar gliders. You will probably need to do a quick spot clean at least twice a week. A clean environment will keep them […]