Basketball free kick

Successful free throws require confidence, good mechanics, routine, relaxation, rhythm, and concentration. Routine, relaxation and rhythm contribute to concentration and confidence. Confidence Think positively. You always shoot from the same place on the line. No one is protecting you. The basket is big. Three and a half balls can fit on the rim. With confidence, and solid mechanics, you can’t […]

Anyone can be an internet mogul

For more than a decade, Internet marketing has revolutionized the home-based business model. Gone are the days of having to walk from store to store, trying to sell those cookies, scarves, or Grandma’s secret apple sauce. Today’s entrepreneurs are only armed with a laptop and an idea. Don’t make fun of those guys who have “done” it the conventional way, […]

Easy fruit salad recipes for a healthy sweet tooth

Each fruit provides a different flavor to satisfy different palates and also provides various vitamins and minerals. Fruit salads are a popular dessert not only among weight watchers, but they satisfy a sweet tooth while also providing the body with essential nutrients. Here are 4 easy fruit salad recipes you should try: Fluffy Pistachio Fruit Salad What do you need: […]

The use and symbolism of candles in Buddhism

“Thousands of candles can be lit with a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never diminishes when shared.” The buddha Candles are an ancient traditional part of Buddhist rituals. Along with incense and flowers, they are placed in front of Buddhist shrines or statues and images of the Buddha as a sign of […]

What are gift baskets?

Where did the basket originate? Since the beginning of humanity, man has woven herbs, straw, twigs and branches to create baskets. The first uses of the basket were to store dry products and transport food and materials. In biblical times, larger baskets were used to carry people and goods on water. Always a useful and resistant container, it was a […]

How To Make Your Wife Happy: A Married Woman’s Secret Wish List For A Happy Married Life

Introduction: This summary is to separate the facts from the common assumptions and misconceptions of husbands around the world. Common belief n. # 1: A ring on a woman’s finger makes her safe forever. Done: Contrary to popular belief, marriage does not make a woman secure enough not to demand her husband’s attention. We are a creature of habit and […]

Organizational skills for visual spatial learners

Most, if not all, visuospatial learners (VSL) are accused of being hopelessly disorganized. However, in my experience, these right-hemisphere students (think “distracted teachers”) can actually find a needle in a haystack. My son, Matt, for example, whose room on any given day can look like multiple tornadoes have hit, never ceases to amaze me with his ability to locate the […]