Top 10 paintball fields in the US

Paintball is a great sport these days. In every state and even every city, you can find a paintball field that may work for you and your team. There are several types of paintball fields that you can find in the United States. They can range from wooded areas to relatively open fields, to paintball fields adorned with accessories like […]

Business Equipment Leasing for Business Owners

As a business owner, you will understand the importance of any equipment or tool that enables you to perform in the line of duty. No matter the nature of the equipment, the only thing that matters is the result and the benefits it brings to your business. While owning tools and equipment is critical to running your business, there comes […]

The different types of kitchen sinks

The sink is the most important place in any kitchen and also one of the most visited places in the home. It is considered that on any given day, the morning work begins at the kitchen sink and the evening work ends at the sink. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the homeowner selects the best type of kitchen sinks […]

Why is DISCIPLINE needed to overcome the pandemic?

Instead of articulating a shifting narrative, accusing your political opponents of hoax / fake news, continuing to articulate denials / doubts, disagreeing with public health experts (for apparent advantage, personal / political), etc. – being of our citizens, to be, better attended, if this President, proceeded, with the DISCIPLINE, to address this horrible pandemic, realistically, in a well-considered and timely […]

August 15, 1945: USS Concord fires the last shot of WWII – August 15, 2015 marks the 70th anniversary

Other warships claimed to have fired the last shot of WWII, but that distinction goes to the USS. Concord CL-10, a four-stack light cruiser named for the Massachusetts town where the first orderly shot of the American Revolution was fired, “the shot that was heard all over the world.” “I had no idea I was present for this historic event,” […]