Desktop publishing software today

Desktop publishing (DTP) is alive and thriving, but with some notable differences that reflect today’s advanced technologies. While DTP software was once in a class of its own, today we see the lines between word processing and desktop publishing blur. For example, Microsoft Word allows you to create advanced layouts and links between documents, and many DTP applications include word […]

Experience the stunning Nokia 660 Slide

The sophisticated slider phone with a premium finish comes in a smooth and elegant casing. The Nokia 6600 Slide is an expected phone that has many high-tech features. The device’s 2.2-inch widescreen can display 16 million colors. Thus, it gives the user a beautiful experience to see different colors. The device follows touch commands. The phone works with the latest […]

Wii game cheats

Some people find it strange that someone would want to cheat in a game. With some computer games, however, the occasional cheat makes for a long-lasting enjoyment of the game. Sometimes not being able to complete a stage in a game means you have to replay that level continuously. This can get quite tedious as you are eager to go […]

Cloud Reading: Weather Observation

In California, late fall usually means the door to Pacific storms begins to open wide, bringing snow to the highlands. Regardless of where you live, the weather affects your daily life, but it’s especially important for people who spend time outdoors. Skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts will naturally listen to the latest weather reports before heading to the heights. […]

Samsung 30GB MP3 Player

The 30GB Samsung MP3 Player is a relatively new Samsung mp3 player on the market. But, this mp3 player will give the iPod a good run for its money. In a quick readers qlance it can hold up to 6000 songs this is good for music lovers it also has a video player and photo viewer for when you want […]