Modern Study & Office Desk with Integrated Bookshelf

Modern Study & Office Desk

Make the most of your home workspace with built-in shelves that double as a desk. These modern home desks are perfect for a single person, or even shared workspaces when space is limited. The desk provides plenty of room for a computer monitor, a laptop, notebooks, and other work or study necessities, while the shelf areas provide ample storage for books, bins, and more. Plus, this contemporary office desk with shelf is easy to assemble and features an attractive color scheme that will coordinate with any room design.

An L-shaped wood desk and matching shelving unit are framed with white shiplap in this home office. The shelving holds a wire magazine rack, holiday decor, and framed images while the desk displays a simple black office chair, a woven rug, a printed lamp shade, and a framed image. A small dome light hangs above the desktop, while a black printer sits in a corner beneath the overhead shelf.

This oversized Modern Study & Office Desk with Integrated Bookshelf desk is painted with Kwal Fossil Dust, which matches the wallcovering in this space. A coordinating shaped black bookcase, with five shelves and a bottom cabinet, is situated on the opposite side of the room from the desk. A wicker storage basket, a framed image, and a small decorative plant are displayed on the shelf units.

Modern Study & Office Desk with Integrated Bookshelf

The wide top surface of this contemporary office desk with shelf offers ample room for a laptop, mugs, and other desktop essentials. The two spacious open shelves are the perfect spot for organizing bins, books and sentimental items that inspire you.

For those who don’t have a lot of square footage to dedicate to an office, this modular wall-mounted desk can transform any room into a sleek and functional workspace. This home wall desk includes an adjustable keyboard tray, adjustable shelves and a drawer that opens from the left or right side to accommodate your preferred setup. And, the modular structure is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions and numbered parts.

If you prefer a more traditional look, this classic maple wood and cherry desk and bookshelf is a great option. The maple wood drawers, moldings and trims add a polished elegance to any home office. The lower cabinets house file storage and misc items while the rounded upper cabinets offer wrap around shelving to store books, bins, and more.

This modern desk with shelves is the perfect fit for a minimalist design aesthetic. The wide wooden desktop offers ample room for a computer monitor, a printer and other workspace necessities. A simple black office chair is paired with the desk while a beige woven rug covers the floor. A framed image and small modern lamps complete the design.

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