The benefits of hydrogen peroxide therapy

A little over a year ago I discovered that I had a problem. I got out of bed that particular Sunday morning and headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. It was immediately clear to me that something was wrong when I noticed that the color of the stream was red and an indication that I had blood in my […]

Old movies are better!

Old movies are better. I’m not sure why. They are usually in black and white. Actors tend to be overly dramatic. The special effects are not up to the current “tobacco”. But still, old movies are the best. Well, not all old movies. Some are rubbish. Actors: Woody Allan, June Allison, Fred Astaire, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Wallace Barry, Humphrey […]

Generational mixed martial arts

There have been countless articles and ratings on the history of the sport, you know, since no one ever heard of MMA before the UFC. Let’s forget that Pancrase held their show before Gracie’s. Before the UFC, the Gracies had a combined 7,819,952-0 in no-holds-barred fights in the years leading up to the UFC’s inception. Let’s not forget either, while […]

Can models get a tattoo?

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, back then it was a symbol to represent themselves or where they were from and what occupation they had. Now tattoos are still used occasionally to symbolize something, but primarily it is an act of self-expression or what it represents: a message. They are sure to be permanent and will stay there […]

Boys will be boys (or why do men need to fight)

I had twenty-five boys in fight club tonight, twenty-five boys and a girl, and she certainly stood out. It’s surprising how obvious gender differences are in a ring setting. In the general flow of life in an industrialized society, men and women mingle and blend in their daily routines, doing the same kinds of work, taking on the same kinds […]

Sports Psychology: Anger Management for Athletes

Sports Psychology, Anger Management in Sports: Why Do Some Athletes Snap? Recently, I was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America. A producer asked me to comment on the recent act of violence on Ranger vs. Island hockey game. I have written about violence in sports in the past and have been interviewed by the British Broadcasting Company on this topic. […]

London 2012 Olympic Games – Tennis

Tennis disappeared from the Olympic arena since the 1924 Games (Paris) since its appearance at the 1896 Games in Athens. The game returned at the 1988 Games in Seoul (64 years later). Tennis lovers have a point of being positively pleased as the event will take place exactly three weeks after the Annual Tennis Grand Slam Tournament. This year at […]

Chris Osgood’s great career

Many will tell you that Chris Osgood is NOT an amazing goalkeeper; people will tell you that he only wins cups because he plays for the Red Wings. These points may be valid, but there is no way he is not one of the best goalkeepers in modern NHL history. He has won three Stanley Cups, two of them as […]