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Is Dymphna Boholt a legit property trainer?

Boholt is a mover and shaker in the game Make Money With Property

If you take note of sites like Crikey and Neil Whats His Name, you’ll see that Dymphna Boholt is not in their good books.

Not that a person like Boholt is going to need his go-ahead. She is the type of person who will shrug it off and make money anyway.

So who the hell is Dymphna Boholt and should you care?

Well, let’s start with his name. It’s bazzare to say the least. She thinks it’s easier to call her Daphne Bigbolts. Ha ha.

Boholt says she’s worth a listen: She claims she made $3.5 million in 18 months starting almost from scratch. Although she didn’t actually ‘win’ $3.5 million. She purchased $3.5 million of property which she claimed produced a “profit” of $1.55 million. Still pretty good, huh?

Free Seminar Program

Like other money-making promoters like Andrew and Darryl Grant, Dymphna Boholt has switched from paid to free seminars. They have found that it is more effective to upsell attendees in their large training programs if they are kept in a controlled environment for an extended period of time.

According to her website, Dymphna Boholt had humble beginnings only to end up as a property guru. Here’s an excerpt:

“Born in a small town in central Queensland, Dymphna began her working life as a jillaroo. Her first investment was a cow at the age of 4, which she used to breed with other cattle in the area to create her first asset portfolio: a herd. Dymphna sold her herd to pay for her university degree in Accounting and Economics, and graduated from Australian National University in Canberra.”


After graduation, she worked for Coopers and Lybrand, before working as a financial controller at various companies.

After moving to the Sunshine Coast (to build a new life after her marriage fell apart), she started her own accounting practice, Active Financial Answers, which she has since sold.

About 12 years ago he began researching real estate investment strategies. People like Robert Kiyosaki and Dolf de Roos were his early influences. So he started by buying his first property and 12 months later he had amassed the aforementioned portfolio of $3.5 million. According to Dymphna, only one property generated more positive cash flow than the Australian average salary.

A few years ago, Dymphna published her first book titled Protect Your Assets!

She is also a director and major shareholder of Alagrow Pty Ltd, a mining company based on the Sunshine Coast. It is apparently a business with exploration and mining licenses in ‘one of the largest and purest zeolite deposits located in Australia, and potentially in the world’.

Boholt is also the brains behind, which is a mentoring group focused on helping women reach their full potential. From an uncompromising business perspective, WWW is a perfect vehicle for Dymphna to promote its property training programs and seminars. Intelligent. In fact, I remember that a few years ago I was attacked by some WWW disciples. I admire her conviction, but found her one-eyed devotion tedious in the extreme.

Finally, she recently became a co-founder of a new national franchise network of financial strategists called the Investor Loans Network. This startup gets funding, but it can help investors through “continued education and support,” whatever that means.

ILN’s primary goal is to work with clients to achieve their financial and wealth goals. Investor Loans Network currently has franchise offices in Brisbane, Maroochydore, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast, and is growing rapidly with negotiations for more franchisees in most other states.

Of course, the cynics will say that this is another way to get more money from gamblers. There is nothing wrong with delivering great value to the people who pay you the most money.

On a personal note, she has apparently put her failed marriage behind her and is now happily content with her new husband living in their little paradise on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Yada yada.

Proprietary Training Products

Dymphna hosts seminar events and sells educational products worldwide ranging from free reports and audios to complete home study packages on a variety of property related topics. Boholt promotes a number of different real estate training products, such as:

  • Ultimate Real Estate Series
  • Platinum Real Estate Partner Program
  • Super Fast Earnings Program
  • Extreme Earnings Program
  • Millionaire Real Estate Program Inside
  • Cashflow USA Program

Is Dymphna Boholt a scam?

In a word, no. I have spoken to people who have attended your events. They all attest to the value of her information and the inspiration they received from her inspiring story. Boholt, like all these money-making marketers, is very good at exciting his audience about his own potential.

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