The Criminal Division of the LAPD

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of the Los Angeles Police Department is responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanors and crimes committed within the City. The office has two sections: the Criminal and Civil Sections. The former handles the prosecution of alleged crimes, while the latter handles all civil litigation, including jury trials and court trials. The Civil Section provides legal assistance in specialized areas, including immigration, real estate, employment, and business law.

The City Attorney’s Office has multiple branches throughout the city. The office is divided into four main divisions: the Criminal Division and the General Counsel Division. While the Criminal Division is the main branch of the LAPD, the General Counsel Division is responsible for providing legal counsel and representing the city in civil actions. The General Council Division, on the other hand, focuses on public safety and crime prevention. The role of the Criminal Division includes prosecuting crimes against the public, as well as advising the city government on a wide range of issues.

The Criminal Division is also responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor crimes committed in the City. Some examples include drug possession, assault, driving under the influence, family violence, and quality of life crimes. While the office handles many types of misdemeanor offenses, the Criminal Division is most often involved with misdemeanor crimes committed by individuals, not involving violent crime. Appellate courts typically require a judge to grant a lenient sentence, but a successful defense attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected.

The Criminal Division of the LAPD

The criminal division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office offers two different programs for criminal cases. The first is called Alternative Prosecution (APS). AAPS allows defendants to avoid criminal prosecution by agreeing to complete an alternative program. The second program is known as the Community Prosecution Program (CP). The City Attorney’s Office has several options for reducing the amount of time a defendant will spend in jail.

AAPS is a voluntary program for defendants who have been charged with crimes. It is a voluntary program that determines if the defendant has been convicted of a crime. Depending on the circumstances of each case, the AAPS may be the best option for the defendant. This type of alternative case is a good choice for those who are facing a difficult or unjustified charge. It is an opportunity to avoid the consequences of a criminal conviction. The first step in this process is to meet with a Los Angeles city lawyer.

While a Los Angeles criminal lawyer can be a helpful resource in criminal cases, a lawyer’s role is to fight a case in the best possible way. If a person has been charged with a crime, the Los Angeles City Attorney can choose whether or not to pursue a formal criminal prosecution. Upon completing the program, the defendants are allowed to return to their communities while the case continues.

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