Do angels travel faster than the speed of light?

Can angels travel at the speed of light? Yes would be the correct answer. Consider that radiation travels at the speed of light. Radiation is energy and we can understand this when it hits our skin and causes a sunburn. When light waves travel through space, they are potential energy. When these light waves hit an object, they are converted […]

Symbolic Christening Gifts

Some popular or more interesting ideas: Angels Godparents often purchase angels to give to baptized children, thus giving symbolic meaning to the importance of receiving baptism as a guardian angel. Their abundance and variety these days would satisfy even the most demanding customer, from angels made of wax or clay to those made of crystal or even silver. There is […]

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Halo, to many PlayStation gamers, would seem like an unattainable franchise. Of course, Microsoft would never port its precious baby to Sony consoles, but that doesn’t mean that Sony can’t create its own first-person IP. In 2004, Sony decided to do just that and released Killzone. With three PS3 releases and the mandatory PSP and Vita ties under its belt, […]

Corporate Case Management Software – Ideal for Resolving Legal Matters

Are you looking for a single and secure window to comply with the legal operations of your company? Lex Mantra is a smart corporate legal solution uniquely designed to restructure a company’s legal workflow with a wide variety of reports easily. The case management software solution is ideal for facilitating management, employees and corporate advisors and helps to resolve the […]

Palm Springs Bike Trails

This is a cycling enthusiast’s dream, for both beginners and the more experienced. Bring a camera and lots of water. This is also home to the annual Palm Springs Tour, which raises money for many local charities. The bike trail systems, which are some of the most beautiful in Southern California, are divided into sections called “Loops.” These loops vary […]