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Carpet Repair: Knee Kicker Vs Power Stretcher

Often times, carpet installers will use what is called a knee kicker to install their carpet. Is that tool enough to keep your rug nice and tight for years to come? Is there a difference between this tech favorite and a power stretcher? You will find that using a knee kicker in front of an electric stretcher can make a significant difference to the life of your carpet. A knee kicker just doesn’t squeeze the mat enough; wrinkles are inevitable; the electric stretcher is the way to go.

The knee kicker

This mechanism is your carpet installer’s favorite tool. Why is this tool a favorite of installers? The answer is time. The use of a knee kicker allows for quick installation. You lay down the mat, apply the device, and then hit it with your knee while laying the mat into tack strips. You can install fairly quickly using this approach to all edges of your room. However, there is a major problem; the knee kicker just doesn’t squeeze the mat enough.

Fast forward two years after installation. Due to heavy traffic, weather changes and humidity, your carpet molds and changes. It’s no longer as tight as when it was first installed, so guess what? You notice a wrinkle in your hallway. Then another wrinkle appears in the bedroom. Before you know it, there are wrinkles everywhere! These wrinkles put you and your children at risk by tripping over one of these waves.

The power table

So what do you do now? Your carpet is only a few years old and you don’t want to pay for another faulty installation. The power table is your savior. The difference between using an electric stretcher and a knee kicker is like using a torque wrench versus using your hand to tighten a bolt. Stretches your mat farther than a knee kicker can; ensuring that your carpet will be wrinkle free for years to come. When used correctly, your carpet should not be affected by humidity, weather changes, or foot traffic. You really shouldn’t see any ripples for 5 years or more!

Using an electric stretcher requires some skill, so I recommend that you hire a professional to take care of those wrinkles. Make sure they are actually using the right devices. A visit from a carpet repair company will make those ripples go away for a fraction of the cost of a new installation. So when you notice that your carpet is a bit loose, don’t worry. Your carpet is a long way from eliminating all your wrinkle worries.

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