Final Fantasy 14 Carpenter Leveling Guide – Some Tips for Leveling Your Carpenter in FFXIV!

If you play Final Fantasy 14 and are looking for more information on the carpenter class and how you can level up faster, this article will give you some tips that you can use to do so.

The current level cap for the game is level 50 and it can be a bit tricky to get that far as the game changes a bit around three-quarters of the way.

Also, the Carpenter class can be difficult to level, so I hope these tips help you:

Make sure you do multiple missions at the same time!

One of the best methods to adopt when looking to level Woodworking is to group the missions together as you collect them. This means you won’t have to run back and forth and save a lot of time in the process.

Of course, once you’ve completed the missions in a single area, you can go and turn them in and since you’re collecting all the XP at once, you’ll get a huge boost.

Make the most of carpentry!

You can actually use Woodworking to help you level up and it’s a good idea to make the most of this. Make sure to use the profession a lot and this will help you with your overall level in the game.

Meet the time killers!

There are some missions in the game that are fun but they don’t actually give you a lot of rewards for completing them and this is fine if you are just a casual gamer, although if you want to level up fast you should make sure to focus on the missions. that will give you the most XP.

So do try to solve the best quests and as a little tip, the top Leves of the camps should make sure you do everything you can.

Of course, there is a time limit for them, but you can beat it a bit by making sure to do them on the hardest level and that way you will get the most experience to complete them.

I hope this article told you how you can level up Carpentry in Final Fantasy 14 and also gave you some tips that you can use in general to advance faster in the game.

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