Dead Space 2 review

I recently got a triple SLI setup, with three GTX 480 cards, now that’s down to just $ 249.99, or even $ 219.99 for some retailers. One of the first games I decided to try is one of my favorites. The original Dead Space definitely has a place in my heart as one of my favorite games. I’m a huge […]

Law School Essay Exams: What to Memorize

Law students ask, “Isn’t law school more than just memorizing? The answer is clear: Absolutely! But should law students memorize? The answer is equally clear: Absolutely! Some professors mistakenly tell students that “law school is not about memorizing.” I say “wrongly” because law school IT IS about memorization … and much more. But for now, let’s focus on grades, and […]

When you were born? The Thunderbird clan in Native American astrology

What clan are you a part of: tortoise, frog, butterfly or thunderbird? Native american astrology This is a spiritual system that uses a twelve-month calendar and connects dates of birth with power animals, elements, seasonal animals, and animal clans. Native American astrology connects each range of birth dates to a clan animal. There are four clans: butterfly, turtle, frog, and […]

The best cat breeds: which one is right for you?

Now that the popularity of cats dwarfs that of dogs, people ask: What kind of cat would be best for me? This is a question that will involve looking at yourself, your lifestyle, that of your home and who else is in it; and not only to children, but also to other pets that you have. That old saying “fight […]

Primerica exposed?

Let’s find out if the Primerica scam is real and something to be weary of, or if it is an argument that needs to be left behind. You can then discuss your experience with Primerica, either as a customer or as a business consultant. What is Primerica? • It is the largest financial services marketing company in North America. • […]

Crime in Camden, America’s most dangerous city

Despite its small population of just 70,0000, Camden, New Jersey has been in the top 10 of America’s most dangerous cities for more than half a century, with some rare gaps. In fact, the crime rate in Camden rarely dropped too much from the time the city regained its infamous reputation for a criminal record in 1949. That was the […]

Places to visit in Miami

With a plethora of cities to explore in the United States of America, one would be in a perplexing position to choose one of the many locations for the perfect vacation. While the United States is rich in geographic attractions that you should definitely not miss, it is also packed with beaches, parties, and lots of fun things that spell […]

Free Movies Online

What do you think when you hear the phrase “free movies online”? Is it suspected of copyright infringement, dark-looking download sites, or enthusiasm for the tremendous display possibilities? While the checkered past of free movies online has some people wary, let’s get things straight about the right places to watch free movies online. Some of the new players are Crackle, […]

Use of drones in the marine and nautical environment

Introduction: Modern drones are incredible machines that are capable of doing incredible things in the marine and navigational environment. They can be used to spot shoals of fish, locate a mooring or open area in a marina to drop anchor, locate an assigned jetty, preview a pristine beach or island, locate items or people who fell down the road. board, […]