The benefits of hydrogen peroxide therapy

A little over a year ago I discovered that I had a problem. I got out of bed that particular Sunday morning and headed to the bathroom to relieve myself. It was immediately clear to me that something was wrong when I noticed that the color of the stream was red and an indication that I had blood in my urine. I monitored the condition for the rest of the day, noticing no improvement. On Monday morning I immediately called the doctor and made an appointment for the same morning.

During my visit, the doctor performed a variety of tests, gave me a script for antibiotics, and commented that the office would contact me as soon as possible with the test results. I was told that blood in urine is usually caused by kidney stones or a cancerous bladder. Since he was not experiencing any pain, the initial assumption was that he probably had a cancerous tumor. Obviously hearing the word cancer was quite upsetting for me and my family. There is something very finite and definitive in that word.

Upon receiving the test results, I was referred to a urologist. He performed a series of additional tests that eventually included a cystoscopy, a test that sent a tiny camera into the bladder to look for the tumor. This test reaffirmed all previous assumptions, as the tumor was easily visible to both the physician and me on the adjacent monitor. What was a conference about this type of cancer, the need for surgery to remove it, the vulnerability of recurrent growth, and the need for post-surgery treatments like chemotherapy? All this did not assure me. It’s like life is over for you, as you once knew it.

One of the benefits we have today is the ability to use the Internet to research a topic. I began a serious and deliberate search online to find out more about this type of cancer and some of the treatments available. Certainly many of the clues in this search pattern led me to sites like the American Cancer Society, medical journal blogs, and, to some extent, homeopathic cures or solutions. Never being one of those who fully believe in what the government, the FDA or those connected in one way or another with government endorsed or affiliated research have to say, my search began to tilt more towards some of the homeopathic solutions that were available. . It was here that I came across hydrogen peroxide as a potential cure for this deadly disease. The more I read about the benefits of h2o2 therapy, the more I became convinced that this was not just a logical but a realistic solution to cure or prevent future cancerous growths within my body.

I learned in my research that tumors grow inside the body due to a deficiency of oxygen. Ingesting hydrogen peroxide into your system at safe and recommended levels increases the level of oxygen within the body that prevent the formation or growth of tumors. Furthermore, H2O2 also prevents or alleviates a number of additional ailments and diseases that the body can acquire from many internal or external sources. For more information on these benefits, visit this website:

I went ahead with the surgery that was quickly scheduled, just two weeks after visiting the urologists. It was an outpatient ordeal in which I entered at noon and returned home at six the same day. Surgery and recovery were uneventful. The next day I started my water ingestion regimen.

When I returned to the urologist a few weeks later for my postoperative visit, I told the doctor that I was refusing chemotherapy treatments, relying instead on H2O2 therapy. He told me “go ahead,” and that he would see me in four months to review progress.

On my return visit I was greeted with the fact that I would have another cystoscopy to determine the current state of my bladder. The doctor was amazed that he couldn’t even find a scar where he had removed the tumor from the bladder wall. My bladder was completely healed and healthy, with no signs of recurrent tumor growth. A follow-up visit was scheduled for six months later, where the same test was performed, with similar results.

I keep taking H2O2 as a preventive measure. My daily dose is just 15 drops in a small glass with my morning juice. It is certainly a painless and inexpensive prevention.

One of the additional side benefits that I soon noticed was that the arthritic pain in my left thumb was gone. Before starting the regimen, the pain was such that I could barely hold a pen (I’m left-handed) or open a jar or twist-off lid. And after my wife started taking the product, she soon got similar results with her arthritic back and shoulder pain.

We started discussing and presenting our success in h2o2 with our friends and family. One friend in particular had late-stage lung and throat cancer. They gave him three months or less to live with Hospice ready to step in and take over. He started taking the drops and the tumors began to shrink. I spoke to him recently and the tumors had shrunk to the point that his life is no longer in danger. His oncologist couldn’t believe the change. Your next follow-up visit is six months away.

Another friend of ours had such severe arthritis that it was impossible for him to work at his trade. He could not use or hold the tools he needed in his work. Walking was also a major problem for him. In a matter of a few weeks, the pain was gone. He emailed me a few weeks ago telling me that he and his daughter had just completed a five mile hike together, something he couldn’t have done a couple of months ago. Needless to say, he’s euphoric.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy is nothing new. It has been around for hundreds of years, and in various European countries, Cuba, and elsewhere, its treatments and benefits are commonly prescribed by doctors. One can read or hear that ingesting h2o2 is dangerous. This is a common misnomer, as in fact most medications can be dangerous if not taken correctly. Frankly, the non-acceptance of h2o2 therapy by the medical profession here in the US is a matter of money. If such treatments could cure even the largest percentage of cancer patients, think about what would happen to all the cancer-related hospitals and research facilities, the Susan B. Anthony breast walks, the promoters, and others who make money. with the misery of others. It is a billion dollar industry. And consider that under Obamacare, these patients can ultimately be discarded and left to die, because the treatments are ultimately too expensive to cover?

Probably one of the best things about hydrogen peroxide therapy is the cost. Over a year ago I purchased a quart of the 35% food grade product from a Florida source over the internet for $ 18.00 a bottle. We are still using the same bottle today. Note that this is a different form of h2o2 that varies from the type sold at your local pharmacy. Pharmacies sell 3% non-food products that are decidedly different.

Please take the time to read the information in the link attached above. Learn about all the wonderful benefits this product has to offer. Realize that with nationalized health care, we may have to take more responsibility for our individual health and that of our family. Take this step now to learn more about this wonderful product. It could save your life or someone else’s.

If after careful thought and consideration you decide to purchase the product, you can try this vendor: To your health!

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