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What is HITT cardio training?

HITT or High Intensity Interval Training is an easy way to burn all those fats and calories in your body without trying too hard. This much higher and more intense cardiovascular mode of interval training has become all the rage in the bodybuilding industry for its benefit of helping the body burn fat to a greater extent.

The main benefit of HITT or high intensity interval training is that it allows you to lose all the fat. HITT is also known as cardio exercise in a conventional way, with better and more efficient results for all fitness lovers or bodybuilders.

The very old form of cardio talked about losing weight by exercising at low intensity or low intervals for a longer period of time, but high intensity interval training is a modern form of cardio that relies on the technique of exercising intensely at ranges from light to moderate level.

This very fact that HITT works in the opposite way to conventional technique, makes it the improved version of the latest form of cardiovascular exercise.

Since the high intensity interval training technique is based on intense workouts with low and medium pace changes, rather than continuous pace, therefore it also tends to burn more fat and that too in less time.

The main benefit of HITT or High Intensity Interval Training is the fact that in a normal exercise routine, your body gets used to the pace and effort and therefore you don’t lose as many calories as you intended.

Also, by getting used to the intensity of normal cardio exercise, your body also begins to conserve some calories as it stays in a constant or steady mode. So, when working with an intense and alternating level of exercise, your body cannot get into a constant or steady state and therefore continues to lose or burn fat and calories without having a chance to store them.

HITT also has its cons, making it ‘not suitable’ for a particular category of people involved in cardio training or workouts. The real reason is the level of intensity involved in it, which makes it risky for people who have medical limitations such as those with heart or cardiovascular problems.

Another reason that makes some people stay away from the benefits of HITT is the fact that not everyone is capable enough to train according to the requirements of this high-intensity interval training program, as it requires more physical effort.

This form of cardio may sound difficult and unreasonable, but there are techniques to get used to the intensity and level of HITT. The trick here is to start at a low pace for 5 to 6 minutes, increase the pace to a high speed, and then go back again to 4 to 6 minutes of training at a low pace, and finally go to 2 or 3 minutes at a low pace. along with high-tempo training.

The basic idea behind high-intensity interval training is to do a cardio workout (ranging from bicycling, brisk walking, running and treadmill walking, or elliptical training) at an alternate pace level that includes an interval of half a minute or a full minute or a break before the change of pace. from smallest to largest or largest to smallest. All this is based on the goal that progressive fat burning results in a much faster way, therefore for every bodybuilder, HITT or High Intensity Interval Training makes sense when delivered to a strict regimen of fat burning or weight loss.

You can always reduce your gym time by introducing High Intensity Interval Training into your weekly exercise routine, because with HITT you don’t need to spend the regular number of hours that you do at normal level of training, also with HITT you need to train only 4 to 5 times a week or it can be even 3-4 times depending on the level of intensity you are involved in.

HITT is easily disguised by the amount of huffing and puffing it elicits from a person, so if you’re sweating and breathing well, then you’re burning all your fat with the high-intensity interval training version of modern exercise.

General HIIT guidelines that everyone should follow when beginning the HIIT regimen regularly:

Before starting HIIT training, always make sure you have the potential to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes at no less than 70-85% of your expected maximum heart rate, without exhausting yourself to the limit.

Also, it is very important to warm up and cool down for 5 minutes, each time, before and after each HIIT session.

During your recovery intervals, if your heart rate doesn’t drop back down to about 70% of your maximum heart rate, it means you need to reduce your hard work intervals and extend your recovery intervals.

Always keep in mind that HIIT is designed for people whose key interests are improving their cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and overall fat loss without losing the muscle mass they already have.

Because it is an intense mode of training, you are required to put in your full effort and intense level of performance before changing your pace level from high to medium or low. In simple words, exercise as hard and intense as you can and then go back to doing 2-3 minutes of training at a slow pace to recover. This is why HITT is a faster and faster form of training.

For those involved in a routine high-intensity interval training program, it’s recommended that you don’t ignore the importance of taking a minute or 30-second interval when changing pace. Also, stop and calm down when you feel chest pain or have trouble breathing. This is also why even those who are new to the muscle-building routine tend to ignore HITT. Therefore, the intense level of the program in HITT is not recommended for anyone who falls into the category of having a health problem or being a newcomer, unless the physician or doctor has given them an opportunity to do so. level of cardiovascular activities.

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